dysphoria makes learning makeup 10 times harder

Everytime a girl calls her boyfriend daddy, Freud's soul grows a little stronger.

So lets cut that shit out asap.
Sorry but using "daddy" is now cancelable.

When you find a genuinely good manga about a trans boy, but no one seems interested in translating it.


when its easier to make the anime community transpositive than anti-pedo. 💦

hell even paxiti, the goddess of all trans art, did very t-slur esque material early on.

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like one out of every three anime fans is like either cis women, trans, or egg.

not gonna lie, most of the people who make the t-slur posts end up being eggs in a few years.

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> The race and gender communists are here to colonize the anime community with their cultural imperialism and the native weebs will be genocided or enslaved in the name of social justice.

this but unironically.

anime slur banning, t-slur ment 

getting popcorn out for the anime community flame wars over banning the trans anime slur.

attached is good background material.


i'm legitimately more nervous around transpositive cis people than transphobic cis people.

like i dont get why they don't hate me, or why they try to pretend they don't. especially if they go on and on about how accepting they are. it honestly creeps me out more than the transphobes because im used to the notion that transphobes are the norm.

First they came for the Q, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Q.

Then they came for the T, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a T.

Then they came for the B, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a B.

Then they came for the G, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a G.

Then they came for the L, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a L.

I feel like every story that I read about trans girls ends up being a fucking tragedy.

Why can't I just pretend that things are fine? Isn't that what fiction is for? Not to remind me of reality?

communism, anime 

I'm up at 3am and I found this and now I can't sleep. youtu.be/oCSNa38MQrI

i swear genderify.com is hot garbage. i could create a better AI solution given a week and a better GPU.

it only happens for my morning dose btw, not my night dose

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i'm not even sure if its 100% estradiol. im taking like 4 pills rn, and it started when i went up in both spiro and estradiol, so i guess it could be either, i've just heard estradiol nausea is common.

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any tips for estradiol nausea? other than the obvious, eat something first and spread out pills between morning and night.

i've been eating a little, but i still get sick sometimes.

to detach TERF-ism from its historical context is kinda dumb, as if you allow the circumstances that developed it to exist, more TERFs will just keep popping up.

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