Whelp managed to screw this up even though I looked it up. Total brainfart.

Probably need a new ballot now?? 😭

capitalism is when productive resources are owned by private entities to the exclusion of everyone else, so that the majority of the population is forced to sell their labor to the owners to survive, in exchange for a fraction of the value they produce. thats it. thats the whole thing.

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Weather in Portland, light-hearted 

What the hell is after hazardous?? Wrong answers only

God the police really did assassinate the guy that killed the fascist in portland.

A really horrifying thing about all the apocalyptic shit the world is currently experiencing is that even if it is all fake and manufactured by the media, the only reason we believe it is because our lives actually feel that miserable due to capitalism. You need look no further than the rw equivalent in qanon shit

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SEPTEMBER 10th @ 3:45pm - Arlington Town Hall - Demonstrate against β€œBack the Blue”! @Bos_Solidarity

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