HOT NEW IDEA: a trade union of egoists

*feels a strong desire to launch an argument attempting to reclaim the term "individualism" as an ethical position emphasizing the inherent worth of each and every mind as having a discrete, unique, externally unknowable experience of the world that can never be thoroughly encapsulated by collective abstractions*

*goes to bed early instead*


why do republicans always preach christian values but end up bringing greater economic inequality and increasing the military budget??? i went to bible club 3 times and i know that jesus does not like that shit so

I need to get more reading done but my attention span is terrible

My friend just texted me and told me he was crying about capitalism

a day of haze
gazing up at the mountain
the snowman's cheek
a day of haze

@KevinCarson1 @celesteh

"Long before the modern model of health insurance became prevalent, self-organized working class mutuals functioned to spread healthcare risks and costs among their members. It was part of a broader movement, a welfare state organized voluntarily and from the bottom up by workers for themselves..."

@celesteh This piece by @KevinCarson1 at C4SS discusses some historical alternatives to state involvement in healthcare, (although iirc the focus is on the US.)

Also, I think a lot of the root causes of many, (but obviously not all,) health problems would be greatly reduced in the absence of subsidies, (including limited liability for pollution,) to the chemical-industrial-agricultural complex.

"cisphobia" bullshit *rant* 

I don't trust people who idolize Barack Obama.

Fuck the neoliberal popculture politics that elevates politicians like Justin Trudeau and Obama because they're charismatic and good looking.

Right past their professionally fitted suits is fucking western imperialism in the form of arms deals in the middle east that directly arm terrorists.

schrΓΆdinger's boys are both back in town and not back in town at the same time

"the white race is dying out, simple mathematics proves it"

oh man, promise?

Now we can have a bio length of 500 characters. Best instance ever.

160 characters to describe yourselves was sad. So thanks to @bea I πŸ€“ hacked the source code πŸ€“ so you can write up to 500 characters in your bio.

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