i've moved twice (once across the country for a summer internship i just started) and got into a huge car wreck (everyone's okay, thankfully)

i'm finally settled and in a place where i can reliably be on social media again

how've y'all been?

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yo i'm finally settled and back just in time for drama it looks like??? the past two months have been kind of a whirlwind/blur

I'm in Portland! I'll be here working on an internship all summer. more details on that and my summer so far when it finally settles down a bit 💖💖

Hey friends, sorry I haven't been the most present. Life's been a bit much atm <3

Sign on the floor of the union office, from an early aughts campaign for trans care for employees, presumably

We're not accepting new registrations (even invited users) until this bug is fixed. Please report accounts by directly sending a private message to @Akatookey.

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Viewing reports on the admin interface is broken on the latest release. A GitHub issue has been opened : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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📢 anticapitalist.party has been updated to v1.3.1. Hit F5 to get the latest changes.

v1.3 changelog (v1.3.1 is just a hotfix) : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

reminder about shit on anticapitalist.party 

To invite friends : doesn't change anything who you send your request to, as if I receive a request, I'll ask @Akatookey for confirmation, and same if you send it to her, as users creation are handled on command-line.

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reminder about shit on anticapitalist.party 

Here are your interlocutors :

- for moderation questions/requests (questions about policy, complaints, instance block requests...) : @Akatookey
- technical stuff ("my toots don't federate with instance x", "i can't connect", "i didn't receive whatever email", "i discovered a security vulnerability"...) : me

Sex work stuff 

But because of stigma and posts like these, trans women doing sex work have an even harder time. Make porn an ethical industry, support actors, stop consuming it for free on sites that steal and redistribute (all the free ones), pay for it, but don't fight against its existence. That's only hurting already marginalized folx further.

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Sex work stuff 

Just saw a "porn is bad, don't watch glorified violence" and ??? Don't be anti sex work friends. Rather, support empowering sex workers better by decriminalizing and destigmatizing it. There are plenty of ethical porn distributors (crashpad etc) that are worth supporting.

Also friends, remember swerfs and terfs go hand in hand; if you hate one you hate the other. Because of legal restrictions and the fetishization of our bodies, sex work is often all trans women have access too.

Hey francophones, what nb pronouns are used there? I have a friend studying romance languages who's interested

*nails to the door of idk some local church a 95-toot thread about how communities both grow and are waaaay easier to blanket recommend to friends and acquaintence and randos if the most vulnerable/marginalized are protected. because after they're gone, many silently without a word bc afraid of even ppl on their side blaming them, you're next. (no really, look at vine, or Twitter. best content by volume was often multiply marginalized ppl even tho they aren't a plurality on the site afaics)*

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