i've moved twice (once across the country for a summer internship i just started) and got into a huge car wreck (everyone's okay, thankfully)

i'm finally settled and in a place where i can reliably be on social media again

how've y'all been?

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yo i'm finally settled and back just in time for drama it looks like??? the past two months have been kind of a whirlwind/blur

@corzntin hey friend, we should talk. my life finally got settled down, the past two months have been a bit of a wreck

I'm in Portland! I'll be here working on an internship all summer. more details on that and my summer so far when it finally settles down a bit 💖💖

Hey friends, sorry I haven't been the most present. Life's been a bit much atm <3

Sign on the floor of the union office, from an early aughts campaign for trans care for employees, presumably

vent bc i'm scared about life 

@Fidgetcetera *hugs* I think you have it more figured out than you think dear

vent bc i'm scared about life 

@Fidgetcetera there are cheaper schools with gender inclusive housing, and yeah debt is scary, but not surviving as a person you want to be is worse? A whole bunch of transes I know are going into debt with the understanding that debt is a tool we use to make things better for ourselves, and isn't inherently the worst.

I would say make sure you know what you want out of college before doing it if at all possible

extreme capitalism, horrifyingly bad person 

@ashkitten@toot.cat holy fuck

Sex work stuff 

@dannysonwater yeah, porn isn't universally good and a ton of it is exploitive, but conceptually there are way more ethical ways for porn to exist and some sites are pushing to that. Check out crashpad, you'd prob like it?

Sex work stuff 

@Elizafox eh, maybe not so much objectively gross and more just not for you or I? Not all kink/BME stuff is for everyone and that's okay!

Sex work stuff 

@Elizafox who are they to say what I find degrading? If you watch crashpad they do a bit talking about why doing porn is meaningful to them, and there's tons of good reasons to do it.

The only degrading thing is porn for mass consumption, but that's the fault of misogyny and swerfy bullshit, not the actual fucking.

Sex work stuff 

But because of stigma and posts like these, trans women doing sex work have an even harder time. Make porn an ethical industry, support actors, stop consuming it for free on sites that steal and redistribute (all the free ones), pay for it, but don't fight against its existence. That's only hurting already marginalized folx further.

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Sex work stuff 

Just saw a "porn is bad, don't watch glorified violence" and ??? Don't be anti sex work friends. Rather, support empowering sex workers better by decriminalizing and destigmatizing it. There are plenty of ethical porn distributors (crashpad etc) that are worth supporting.

Also friends, remember swerfs and terfs go hand in hand; if you hate one you hate the other. Because of legal restrictions and the fetishization of our bodies, sex work is often all trans women have access too.

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