L'alcool ça fatigue plus que le boulot au fait. Je ferais peut-être bien de trouver un emploi. (Non).

Meanwhile in the UK, THIS is how the BBC headlines its story about .

This. Is. How. You. Normalise. The. Far. Right.

Le Pen was not the most important person there, but the BBC made her the star of the show in their telling.

I can only assume this story is the result of unusually right wing editorial policy or cynical clickbait chasing based on the assumption that all their readers are closet cryptofascists.


Bon, y a moins de plantages que sur .social au moins ici.

Le de Mars est dispo

Studio404 #47 / Mars 2017: culture poop, crowdfunding, ponctuation, slacktivisme

Le parquet national financier enquête sur 26 « cibles » liées aux Panama papers - https://social.bitcast.info/url/212704

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