So if I want to do a python GUI on linux, just for personal use, what would y'all recommend? GTK> Tkinter? QT? Or is there something else really good? I don't need a lot, I just want it to be easy, reasonably full featured, and not randomly break in 3 months when I haven't touched it. :/

My dad is so pissed at Microsoft right now. Says he'd almost want me to replace all his Microsoft stuff with alternatives, but he can't afford the learning curve. And honestly, I don't think there's Linux support for all the stuff he needs. Like, his old Topomap program? No way. :/

Is there a way to ask if something was an attempt at humor without being passive aggressive? I don't think there is. :/

Slatestarcodex, Julian Jaymes, The origin of coonsciousness and the breakdown of the bicameral mind 

So if I want to write a setting where they have fairly impressive magic but no advanced technology, is it sufficient to just say "lol no fossil fuels", or are there still advanced technologies that would be likely to develop if you had a plentiful population with lots of resources?

Hmm. So, I've been thinking about broad vs narrow and shallow vs deep thinking - in computational terms, you could posit these as amount of parallel steps to be taken and amount of serial steps to be taken. Does anyone know of any good research on this topic, or the like? I feel like it should exist, but I don;t know where to look. :/

tfw you get complex numbers where no complex numbers are supposed to be. :/

Ultron and Hela were by far the best MCU Characters. Fite me! >:[

Antimatter Bomb Fallout 

All else being equal, I would think you should get significantly less, because the only radioactive isotopes you'd get would be the ones created by the blast, not those from the fuel. :/

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Antimatter Bomb Fallout 

So, if you had lots of antimatter and the technology to use it as an alternative to nuclear weapons, how much fallout would antimatter bombs cause? More, less, the same amount? Anyone know? :/

Python, Dynamic Programming 

So, does Python have any interesting dynamic programming capabilities? Like, if I want to take a function and staple a 'print("!")' on the beginning of it, without editing it's source, is there a simple way to do that? Or is it really hard, or impossible?

Does anyone know where to find, like, videos of logic processors in action? Like, not the physical chips, but say an abstract map of the circuits involved, animated so you can follow the path of the computation as it goes through the thing. I know most modern chips are probably way too complicated to fit a whole map on screen at one time, but surely there's a chip small enough to map this way that could still be interesting? I tried searching, but couldn't find anything. :/

tfw you accidentally hit some unknown set of keys and now the interface for the program you're using is fucked up, and you don't know how to change it back. -_-

Behold, Volcano Man! He can shove anything into a volcano, over any distance!

Spider hites, probably. 

Little bug go chomp chomp. :/

To the middle aged man on the motorcycle blasting Britney spears: πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―

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