Oh, so a friend suggested I use KD Trees to store chunk data, instead of octrees. What do you all think about that? I'm not sure how well I could make it work - it sounds complicated. I should at least be able to hide all that complexity inside the chunks, though, so that's not to bad. :/

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I already started implementing this, but at some point I made it lag on startup. Shouldn't be too hard to fix, as I haven't actually added much new data, just changed it's structure, but I'm still trying to get the profiler to work.

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Alright, so I changed my mind about block stacking. Rather, I'm just gonna create a new kind of block as necessary, or use block entities, or something. And I'm gonna also track sides - so, if you make a house, and then paint the outside red, the paint is tracked separately from the blocks.

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*Screams in Commie*

I mean, I'm sympathetic to the workers who want to keep their jobs, but surely there is a better way to fix this issue than to just make the products worse. -_-


Catgirl: Hello.
Guy: Hello.
Catgirl: Can I touch your ears?
Guy: Uh, sure. Can I touch yours?
Catgril, while touching guys ears: No.

"What would happen if the earth turned into gold?" "Well, depending on the implementation, either it would explode, it would implode, or we would all be crushed under our own weight, the atmosphere would catch fire, and the continents would sink into the sea." "I see..."


Privateering, letters of Marque 

Somehow, I feel like this would be a bad idea. Sounds like a hilarious political shit storm though.


"Anything Shakespeare did with the English language, you're permitted to do too!" XD

Scott Alexander, Diet pills, burning to death from the inside out 

Hey! Nice Mitochondria you have there. Be a shame if something happened to them... XD

So has anyone else ever realized, 'Holy shit, I'm autistic?" It kinda sucks. -_-

Thinking of getting a nice new keyboard. Should I go full Dvorak, or do y'all have some other recommendation for me? :p

Yeah I'm not gonna worry about this part yet, I think. Just gonna tackle block stacking for now.

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Huh. Do I want to switch over my chunks to tracking blocks by id's first though? Right now it's all java's object references, so I should be able to save space by assigning ints as id's and then looking those up when referenced... But that'd also make the code a bit slower, and I have no idea if it's necessary. Hmm. :/

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Goddamn, the scale of this thing is impressive. No idea if I'll ever get Omnicraft that performant, but I can dream. XD


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Scott Alexander, Politics, Spicy Take 

So, I think there's absolutely zero chance of this happening, but it is an interesting take, and it could make for some absolute comedy GOLD if it went anywhere. XD


Though to start with, it's just gonna be the solid block modifiers, as I haven't programmed slabs or anything else yet. XD

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Anyway, now I just need to clean up the code some and then I'm going to work on block stacking - that is, having multiple different bits of block data in one voxel. So you can stack slabs, or have piles of stuff on a desk, or have a solid block with a crack in it and a layer of dirt on top of that, or the like.

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Okay, drawing all six faces with optimized meshes, much better. Now I just need to clean my code up again, cause it's a little messy. XD

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