Anyone else seen Captain Sparklez Fallen Kingdoms server? It's pretty nuts. XD

Talking to a friend about shaders and getting super called out. A few choice bits of wisdom -
'greedy mf wants imports lol'

'only a few decades ago, computations were done mostly by women, by hand. you would need the entire population of earth doing that work for weeks to render one frame of a modern game. please don't take your power for granted.'


Alright, ripped out my old code for generating colors and textures. Lot of code, but it was all kinda meh anyway, and I need to make space for something new. Now to decide exactly what I want to do for generating textures. My old implementation for picking colors for the various bits of a texture was ennecessarily complicated, but I still want to do something similar... :/

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Just ripped out all the old drawing code. Trying to decide whether or not to change my old method of generating textures - it's not super shader friendly, I think, nor very good overall. But of course, how would I redo things...? Hmmm. :/

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Yooo, what's y'all opinion on EE? I found their video on New Zealand interesting. :/

A fascinating bit on ancient democracies dealing with insurrection like our recent one, and on the ancient Greek idea of stasis - or factionalism, as I would argue the best modern translation would be. :/

@LittleFox Lol I thought my phone was dying for a second there. Glad you like my work though. XD

Well, a bit closer to what I want, and I've simplified the code and understand it better. So, progress? XD

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Alright, working on procedural textures. Still needs a lot of work, but at least I'm drawing something? XD

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Well, I've got a whole cube, but I don;t like my current implementation -it uses a separate vertexbuffer for every different texture, which is no good. Actually gonna look at ditching saved textures entirely and moving to wholly procedural textures, using fancy shader business? I dunno, not sure. I'ma try it and see how it goes. XD

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Those flames that come out of oil wells 

Ever wondered what those were? "Isn't the idea to burn the stuff elsewhere, not right here?" Well, that's natural gas - methane - that comes up with the oil, being burned so that it doesn't hang around and then blow up the whole oil well, because it's not profitable to store and transport it elsewhere unless there's an oil pipeline.

"It's not that difficult, you just need to learn new things!"

"...Oh no!"

I was looking at my existing rendering implementation, in order to cull block sides facing away from the player - and it occurred to me that my existing implementation is massively inefficient, even if I stick to using the graphics card as much as I am. I could probably increase it by like half an order of magnitude. And these are all improvements that apply to my new implementation too, I'm pretty sure. :/

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Lol, of course, can't forget that classic programming maxim - "The first 90% takes 90% of the work, and the last 10% also takes 90% of the work." Still, things are going pretty well. XD

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Gotta post one of my favorite albums again. Just, really good. Everything from this artist, really. XD


"Couple hundred textures" Lol no, we're working with five solid chunks, each of them 16 * 16 * 16 cubes, each of those with 6 faces, and culling sides, and with two of those chunks adjacent. So, that's 16 * 16, 256, * 6, * 4, plus another 256 *4, so, 7168 textures, if I did my math right. XD

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Okay, I got to the point of rendering a single texture, which means I'm like 90% done. Now I just need to render the other couple hundred textures. XD

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Alright, think I'm done with coords and regions for now. Time to finally take a crack at that graphics pipeline I've been talking about. My friend put up some examples of how to do the kind of thing, so now I just need to look through them. Wish me luck! XD

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Alright, so my friend suggested just using coordinates for the chunks, and then making a hashmap - which is much simpler. And I should be able to just extend the numbers for the chunk coordinates as much as I need? I dunno, I'll think about it. :/

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Maybe extending the coordinate numbers as necessary, and only using them for tracking region coordinates? So, it shouldn't cause slowdown for players, only when it needs to check region coordinates to ensure proper map knitting, and that should be pretty minor. :/

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