Super tempted to make my own minecraft. Write in the functionality of all my favorite mods from the start, make everything super detailed, exactly the way I want it. I'd probably never finish, but it could be fun. XD

SO is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed that "The midwest" is mostly in the eastern half of the united states? -_-

As someone in the youtube comments said: "Alt Title: Bending the meaning of polygon to own plato's smug ass"

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Behold! MaThEmAtIcS! >:D 

Mathematicians: "So, you didn't say that we couldn't..."

Everyone Else: "We've made a terrible mistake." :X

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Welp, learned to use python coverage. Should I just aim for 100% coverage on everything, or should I use a more sophisticated rubric...? :/

What is with these villains? I swear, they choose their personnel entirely on the basis of "Who can make the worst decisions, the fastest, in any given unit of time." -_-

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So, I'm watching Elfen Lied, and like....

WTF. -_-

Futa Catgirls, but not smut 

So this story is really good and I desperately need more, which is too bad, as it finished two years ago and there's no sign of more coming. But! It's really good and you should read it.

So are there any good open source phones available at the moment? I kinda need a new phone. -_-

And of course, I veinmined into that from a single block and spawned like twelve Vapula's, cause I have lycanites installed. Got two and half stacks of diamonds just from that though. XD

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Well, I shouldn't say life at the end there - the last microbe will probably die in like 2.7 billion years, assuming our estimates are correct. So by that mark, life is only a bit over halfway through. And if we go by complex life, that started a lot later, so the earlier cut off date is less impressive. :/

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Also: Assuming nothing exciting happens and our estimations are accurate, we only have about 600~ million years before earth becomes uninhabitable for plants and animals. I know that sounds like a long time, but it really isn't. Life had existed on earth for several times that - current main estimate is 3.5 billion, I believe. So, unless something exceptional happens, the story of life on earth is like 80% finished. :/

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@pzmyers This might be right up your alley. It even mentions the first arachnids, at around the 10:17 mark.

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Admittedly, that's still a hypothesis, not totally confirmed, but still. :/

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This too, for that matter. "What do you MEAN there was a 5th gas giant? WHAT!?"

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So, playing minecraft. I get attacked by a fire dragon from Fire and Ice. It sticks it's head through my wall and roast some of my stuff, but not too much. Then I take advantage of the wacky hit box to kill it when it can;t do much to fight back. I go outside to harvest it's organs, and they all get pulled into the water - I think one of the creatures from Lycanites mobs stole them. I go and kill a bunch of stuff, but it's no use - I don't get my loot back. But, at least I killed the dragon. :/

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