SO is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed that "The midwest" is mostly in the eastern half of the united states? -_-

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@Angle The term originated before US territory stretched all the way to the Pacific! Back then, Nebraska was considered "west" and like, Indiana was the middle of the country.

@procyonlotor @Angle the the ohio valley not in the mid west?

@Azi @Angle I guess it is? But it's definitely not in the western half of North America, which makes "midwest" kind of a counterintuitive term.

@procyonlotor @Angle I thought it was which always confused me because it was basically the first region to be colonized once the republic-era began so it'd be the near west if anything

@Angle there's no one between the midwest and the west coast so it is the middle if you do some sort of population graph lol

@kai *Lives between the midwest and the west coast* >:[

@kai Bah! "West" is a geographical term! Only geography should count! >:[

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