A fun bit of science 

I've probably mentioned this before, but did you know that everything you perceive is a hallucination? Just one that happens to be very accurate to reality. Like, imagine your brain having it's own little intelligence agency, that scans through all your incoming sensory data and all the things you already know and believe about the environment, to try and figure out what you're perceiving - and then has an artist create as accurate a representation as possible for you. XD

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A fun bit of science 

If you got the actual raw sensory data from your environment instead - it would suck. You wouldn't be able to tell what anything was. Everything would be blurry, indistinct, you'd struggle to keep track of objects in motion, you'd hate it. XD

A fun bit of science 

@Angle I think I heard it's more like your inner artist constantly and independently trying to imagine what the outside might be like, and the sensory intelligence agency only pointing out where they got it absolutely wrong.

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