Me, on the way out the door, to my cat: Have a good one!
@clocksailor, from the other room: You too!
@clocksailor: you were talking to the cat, weren't you

Ooh! I bet this will be amazing. RT @shadowandact: : @ViolaDavis is developing an adaptation of the novel at Amazon, scripted by @Nnedi and @Wanuri. The latter will also direct.


Alternating anger and depression is fucking exhausting.

I'm not looking forward to being Monday me.

I've had better weeks. This one has been a bad shit trifecta and I'm not into it.

It's been the kind of day where getting totally soaked transferring from bus to train hardly registers on the scale of shit I've had to deal with today.

I spent some time today looking at the upcoming week and, no surprise, I feel a lot more prepared for the week to come.

Gonna gripe about this here because I'm sick of being the grinch at work. Had a Christmas tree up for weeks already (Thanksgiving just happened!) and now we're doing an ugly sweater day on Thursday. Am I out of place feeling like these are microagressions? I'm the only Jewish person on staff.

Came home from the chiropractor and took a depression nap with one of my cats. Don't know where I'd be without my cats.

Turns out I have a bulging disc. Not the nothing I was hoping for, but most people don't need surgery to deal with it so not the worst outcome.

Hurt my back again on Friday. Haven't been able to stand up straight in three days. Freaking out a bit but I'll be going to see my chiropractor soon.

ACP πŸŽ‰πŸ°

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