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Hey yall, a very good friend of mine is living in a precarious housing situation & is hoping for a way out for her & her dog Bear. She wants to raise funds to move closer to her support network, & needs our help to get there.

Can I get some retoots for a comrade please?

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House Cleaning: Ableism on the tootchute 

Hey folks just a reminder that ableist language really sucks & I'd love Mastodon to be a place where our disabled and mentally ill comrades can feel safe and valued... and ableist language does the opposite of that.

Check this link for a really great list on common ableist terms and how to avoid them

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Hey folks, I created over on :birdsite:, and was thinking it'd be cool to see that and the other crowdfund hashtags over here so if anyone is able to offer financial or mutual aid could find people seeking help more easily.

What do yall think?

Lol the last times I have seen this app were because I opened it by accident.

I think? I miss it here? I dunno... I don't think I feel very connected here. I don't even know if I should resurrect this account or make a new one or whateverthefuck.

I am a sick bear and all I wanna do is sleep but whenever I lay down I can't breathe😣😭😭

the past tense of screenshot is screenshat

I hope I get even half the love on my real birthday that @citrustwee gets on their unbirthdays😉😅

I'll be 30 on the 30th.
Though I feel like I'm 29 going on 60

Speaking of masterpieces, I have been shown this on twitspace and feel many of you will appreciate the page layout genius on display (page of a book)

"Ohhhhmygooooood look at all these songs that sync with this other song/video"

-people that don't realize that most music is 4/4 or 3/4 beat.

the existence of digimon (digital monsters) implies the existence of an earlier, more authentic animon (analogue monsters)

Watched Troll (1986) and the main character is named Harry Potter so now I'm totally convinced that JK Rowling became a household name by writing terrible fanfic about an AU where Troll universe Harry Potter was actually allowed to learn magic.

I doubt I can be convinced otherwise and if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about you're really showing your age😅

i love it when cis people say that trans people are "living their truth." they have no idea how much tax fraud i do

twitter communists be like “just got my new USSR flag from amazon 😋”

its weird that "ADULT VIRGIN" became a meme and its pretty fucked up. like you're literally using incel/MRA rhetoric to own reactionaries wtf. like the concept that you're worthless until you have sex is literally one of the patriarchy's most universal arguments across most cultures

‪called my sleep paralysis demon a stupid cunt bc he ruined my nap ‬

I was today years old when I found out because I am Civilized and we use metric in this house.

/Actually/ it's bc I saw this sign on the bus and had earlier in the day looked at his ID to buy pot online and saw his height was 175cm.😅

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I found out my boyf is 69" tall and the first thing I said was Nice.

just saying its kinda fucked that there are actually people out there

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