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Tired: Nihilism, Blackpilling
Inspired: Hopepunk, Kindcore

Maggie thatcher, pee 

A quote beside a picture of Margaret Thatcher that says "the problem with pissing on my grave is that you eventually run out of piss."


So I was in this general shitpost group on FB and someone posted the Tinder profile of a trans person to make fun of them since they were just beginning transition and I learned from the comment section that TERFs and alt right ass holes get on extremely well

(Yes I left the group)

Sunbeam City's host is down, in case anyone on there was wondering and sees this. Should be back up soon. 🌻

Graphic violence, Israel/Palestine, Trump 

and Jerusalem this afternoon.

Fuck Netanyahu and fuck Trump.

Original tweet Photo sources unknown (let me know if you do).

circles "titties" on a whiteboard for trying to figure out what makes a comic popular.

HIV, alt right 

So there's a popular tweet making the rounds on alt right twitter right now (you'll know it when you see it), showing two headlines. One is about the relaxation of laws around HIV disclosure in California, and the second is about the rising rate of STIs around LA. The implication is that ppl with HIV are now intentionally infecting others.

Except the second article is actually about syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Not HIV.

If someone links you that tweet, pls tell them that.

death, ableism, ukpol 

90 people in England die every month after being declared "fit for work" by the Department for Work and Pensions


( #ACABRO, if you speak it out, it sounds like a magic wistle, and meaning : All Cops Are By Role Opressors )

non-binary genders are the tailor-made, haute couture of gender

i was going to register a domain until i saw that everything that would have been remotely coherent costs at least hundreds of euro

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