I have 6 eggs which expire tomorrow - what can I make? πŸ€”

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@Cocoron hard boil them, add them to ramen or salad
omlette, quiche. If you need something quick, google Muffin Tray Quiche.
Extreme, but large scrambled egg, some protein/veggie, make breakfast sandwiches, wrap in parchment paper and freeze, can last a month ish

@Cocoron if you have potatoes, make tortilla espaΓ±ola. If you have greens, make fritatta.

@Cocoron eggs, if kept cool, will last up to 20 days after expire day. Biggest problem is heat and direct sunlight. This is my father, a farmer speaking.

@syndikalista @Cocoron Simple test to see how bad they are: Put them in a glass of water. Are they lying on the broad side? Perfect. Are they upright but not straight? Good. Are they absolutely straight? Eat them now... maybe. Are they floating or swimming to the top? Ewww.

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