He’s working trancendentally hard. He’s on 9th dimension levels of effort. The entirety of the US economy is held together by his sheer willpower and concentration.

4+ hour panic attack today and I'm calling my doc Monday nuh uh ain't letting that happen again

Lindsey Graham saying "help me" over and over again with regards to his fundraising deficit it p funny to me

paid by putin to post "america bad" at the top of the hour, every hour

Oh shit, Chile just scrapped the Pinochet constitution.

My partner and I just received a welcome home letter from signing our second lease together. My our landlord(s) die and our love flourish

fine okay dont say i didnt warn you. CW terrifying fursuit, this looks like a horror movie prop 


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i hear this so fucking often at church its like "god fix my marriage" dude just talk to your fucking wife

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US Pol, Violence, If Trump wins, If Biden wins 

If Trump wins, then I will decapitate a landlord.
If Biden wins, then I will burn a landlord alive.


Me: where are you from

Co-worker: I grew up in Alabama but immigrated from Korea

Me: the real Korea or south Korea


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