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“ur trauma made u stronger”
no. my trauma made me traumatized, it made me weak, it gave me memory loss, it gave me feelings i’ve never wanted. i made myself stronger.

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Have you noticed the people who don’t want to help refugees because we “have our own poor” also don’t want to help our own poor?

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@IlhanMN@twitter.com @POTUS@twitter.com Just wanna add that as construction continues, this becomes *Biden's* xenophobic and racist wall, just like the current rise in COVID cases is due to Biden's response to the pandemic (also identical to Trump's, whadya know!?)

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Derek Chauvin will probably be convicted of murder or manslaughter for killing George Floyd. To do otherwise should result in mass rebellions on a natl scope. Remember the system will sometimes sacrifice its own, but that is not the system changing that's it saving itself

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Interested in folks' favorite examples of Feminist men role models

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My child got sent to Zoom detention for not paying attention in Zoom 4th grade. Email said here’s the link to access the room to serve detention.

I swear I’m trying so hard to take this life seriously.

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Abolish the police, then give their guns to the poor.

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"perhaps if we put a 4% tax on destroying our planet and driving the species to extinction, it will incentivize..."

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The neoliberal solution to climate change is to hope that somehow it will become profitable to save the planet. This will not work.

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In 1978, the top 0.1% owned about 7% of the nation’s wealth. In 2019, they owned nearly 20%.

The looting is grotesque.

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Admiring the Scandinavian system is like admiring Jeff Bezos. You're just coveting someone else's cool shit without critically examining who they had to ruthlessly exploit to aquire it.

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That no one person is forcing any one job on any other one person does not make it better that we all *are* forced by an inhuman and unflinching system, one that individual persons do, in fact, violently force on us

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Rest in Peace Adam Toledo, thirteen years old. Killed by Chicago Police.

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Was y’all this mad when the schools asked for vaccine records cuz all y’all got degrees

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Do you ever get overwhelmed by how our real world is a genuine dystopian nightmare . But everyone is normalizing it and telling you that’s just the way it is

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