:oof: dear ACP users. The instance finances are going bad. Real bad. The instance costs are paid by only one person and the support doesn’t cover the costs at all. This situation last for months. We urge you to participate to the costs sharing otherwise the instance will simply disappear without notice. :goldman:

:goose_honk: For comrades who already contributed or who contribute monthly, we encourage you to prepare to migrate your data as soon as possible: The instance will be terminated and all the data destroyed without further notice if we don’t receive a meaningful amount of support in the next few days :goldman:

Note: we need an urgent founding right now. In the future, recurring contributions are recommended and welcome :ancomheart:


@teslas_moustache now the urgents costs are covered. We mostly need education around the ACP users so they would provide micro-support on the long term.

@kropot @teslas_moustache sounds like more reasonable than panicking every two years when we are bankrupting. @kropot your are now in charge of the party 🎉

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