Hello, corzntin here talking for myself since I don’t have any account on the Fediverse anymore. You may have seen that ACP was forced to delete a post exposing some nazi. While I regret having to delete such a content, which imo doesn’t cause any harm to our community, the server is based in France and keeping content flagged by public authorities is public offense to the law. Unless you want our hoster and your moderation team to go to jail, that was the most sane decision to take.

Our CoC always stated that posts must comply with french laws and that ACP is no place for sensitive militant operations. We did not disclose the account’s personal information to any authority. We don’t have a lawyer. We’re just comrades with penal responsibility. If you want to find an instance where you can post such content you’re free to leave, also the Mastodon code is open source. We made the choice of transparency regarding actions taken, there’s not much we can do beyond that.

I have to add that being myself a jurist, I examined every outcomes possible to this report, but the offense to french law was correct and deleting the post was the clever thing to do. Next step from local authorities would have been legal trouble for us and forced disclosure of WaNaziWatch IP and associated data. By deleting the post within the 24h frame, we actually protected our comrades. @WaNaziWatch@kolektiva.social @WANaziWatch @afainatl

The reason kolektiva.social seems like a more freedom space for antifas is because it’s cached by Cloudflare, which is known to delete nothing (including nazi content). We made the choice not using Cloudflare because if we did, like kolektiva does, that would mean Cloudflare can retain users IP and activity by being a proxy. We chose independent infrastructure to control user data. Your data, your IP, your posts, your choices. @WaNaziWatch@kolektiva.social @WANaziWatch @afainatl


That will be all for me. You can contact us by email : me (corzntin@pm.me), Emma (emma@anticapitalist.party) and of course DM or mention us. Corzntin, off.

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