That will be all for me. You can contact us by email : me (, Emma ( and of course DM or mention us. Corzntin, off.

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The reason seems like a more freedom space for antifas is because it’s cached by Cloudflare, which is known to delete nothing (including nazi content). We made the choice not using Cloudflare because if we did, like kolektiva does, that would mean Cloudflare can retain users IP and activity by being a proxy. We chose independent infrastructure to control user data. Your data, your IP, your posts, your choices. @WANaziWatch @afainatl

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I have to add that being myself a jurist, I examined every outcomes possible to this report, but the offense to french law was correct and deleting the post was the clever thing to do. Next step from local authorities would have been legal trouble for us and forced disclosure of WaNaziWatch IP and associated data. By deleting the post within the 24h frame, we actually protected our comrades. @WANaziWatch @afainatl

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Our CoC always stated that posts must comply with french laws and that ACP is no place for sensitive militant operations. We did not disclose the account’s personal information to any authority. We don’t have a lawyer. We’re just comrades with penal responsibility. If you want to find an instance where you can post such content you’re free to leave, also the Mastodon code is open source. We made the choice of transparency regarding actions taken, there’s not much we can do beyond that.

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Hello, corzntin here talking for myself since I don’t have any account on the Fediverse anymore. You may have seen that ACP was forced to delete a post exposing some nazi. While I regret having to delete such a content, which imo doesn’t cause any harm to our community, the server is based in France and keeping content flagged by public authorities is public offense to the law. Unless you want our hoster and your moderation team to go to jail, that was the most sane decision to take.

@kropot @teslas_moustache sounds like more reasonable than panicking every two years when we are bankrupting. @kropot your are now in charge of the party 🎉

@teslas_moustache now the urgents costs are covered. We mostly need education around the ACP users so they would provide micro-support on the long term.

Note: we need an urgent founding right now. In the future, recurring contributions are recommended and welcome :ancomheart:

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:goose_honk: For comrades who already contributed or who contribute monthly, we encourage you to prepare to migrate your data as soon as possible: The instance will be terminated and all the data destroyed without further notice if we don’t receive a meaningful amount of support in the next few days :goldman:

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:oof: dear ACP users. The instance finances are going bad. Real bad. The instance costs are paid by only one person and the support doesn’t cover the costs at all. This situation last for months. We urge you to participate to the costs sharing otherwise the instance will simply disappear without notice. :goldman:

Please welcome @a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 to our moderation team, and also @Madponiez who has been there all that time but not properly welcomed yet!

@unsuspicious two admins (users of ACP) are active but one is not listed. There are also two other mods that don't use ACP anymore but take care of meditation tasks. We should edit the list. Still, more help would be needed for an instance of that size. Anyway, it is under control, and as you can see, Emma is answering.

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CW, meta, us-pol 

Dear comrades,

Did you know that 27th of august is the International Day of Content Warnings?

A good use of CWs always have been a part of ACP, and if you don't know about them, it is possible to read some simple rules on our About page

Let's celebrate the and have a good day-night 🎉

-- smonff

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