I have made some changes to the terms of service.

You can read about what changed here: masto.host/changes-to-the-term

You can read the full terms of service here: masto.host/tos/

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

@syndikalista so it was totally possible, there is a configuration field for this. Enjoy!

@syndikalista I'll check if we can do that but not sure since we are on a shared instance

@syndikalista you mean only the picture or turning the whole ACP instance off?

Friendly reminder that Content Warnings exists! CW are good!

« If you’re not sure whether a toot needs a CW or not, give it a CW. People really appreciate it and it doesn’t do any harm to be too cautious and too respectful of others. »


ACP domain silence and upcoming block 



:blob_pensive: we experienced a massive spam-following issue from a remote instance that seem to have be kind of supported by it's admin. The Fediverse connectivity with this instance has been sent into hot lava.


ACP domain silence and upcoming block 

ACP domain silence and upcoming block 

ACP domain silence and upcoming block 

acp domain block 

ACP special report n°1 - Email received - June 19

Received an email offering sponsored content : email unanswered and no action taken (no sponsored posts on acp)

Link : acp.fastmail.fr/reports/s1.htm

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ACP 🎉🍰

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