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@shoutcacophony @some_qualia we're looking into this. pleroma instances make it super hard to figure out what's going on by just looking at the main page. - @ghost

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@Angle I'm sorry, but we're not able to customize our code. we run standard mastodon code as updated by @mastohost (the person we pay to keep us online).

this sounds like something that should be brought up to masto dev though. (i don't mean to pass the buck here, we just don't have the ability to make those changes, unless/until it's built into the admin user interface.)


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I will be starting the installation of the Mastodon patch for all instances hosted in soon.

Instances will go down one by one for a couple of minutes. This process it take several hours.

Details on the patch:

our list of blocked instances has been updated:

as a reminder:

SILENCE means the instance does not show up in our federated TL, but you can still follow and interact with a silenced instance's users.

SUSPEND means the instance does not federate with us at all: they will not show up in our TLs and users here cannot follow or interact with a suspended instance's users.

:goldman: The instance encountered some TL issues: toots got accumulated in queues and were not delivered as expected since a couple of hours.

This situation is still in progress but we are recovering faster than the speed of fediverse
thanks to @hugo

Please be patient, we are almost back to normal. :kirby_happy:

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