ACP special report nΒ°1 - Email received - June 19

Received an email offering sponsored content : email unanswered and no action taken (no sponsored posts on acp)

Link :

ACP REPORT nΒ°2 - June 19

1. Moderation (May)
- 3 reports
- 2 silenced users
- 1 suspended user
- 3 suspended instances

2. Finances
- domain was renewed for 2 years !
- current financial status is very good, thank youuuu

Link :

nazis, block announce 

Hello everyone ! πŸ’ž

We are announcing new transparency reports that we will upload every month from now. They include moderation stats, financial stats, and summarizes decisions taken last month on a single-page document that sums it all up.

The first one is available here :

Feel free to discuss this document by talking to @Emma directly, by DMing one of our mods, or by sending us an email.

- @corentin :pacmaninky: & your moderation team

Dear comrades, we have a domain block to announce:

Despite the fediverse admin community engaging with them, they have doubled down on the position that they will host hate speech as long as it is legal in their jurisdiction and not targeted harassment. This is not compatible with our duty to our own users, so we have blocked them.


Instance block announcement 

general PSA 

ACP is fully back and functionnal, please report any issue you would encounter

ACP is back! You could experiment some timeline issue during 5/10 minutes :battery_charge:

For your information, the maintenance will start in less than 15 minutes :battery_empty:

ACP will go down tomorrow at 10am UTC for database migrating. Excpect a 30 minutes downtime. Thanks to @mastohost for the hard work 🎸

ACP will go down tomorrow at 10am UTC for database migrating. Excpect a 30 minutes downtime. Thanks to @mastohost for the hard work 🎸

new (to us) emojo 

@shoutcacophony @some_qualia we're looking into this. pleroma instances make it super hard to figure out what's going on by just looking at the main page. - @ghost

new (to us) emojo 

@Angle I'm sorry, but we're not able to customize our code. we run standard mastodon code as updated by @mastohost (the person we pay to keep us online).

this sounds like something that should be brought up to masto dev though. (i don't mean to pass the buck here, we just don't have the ability to make those changes, unless/until it's built into the admin user interface.)


acp instance suspension (cw: racist slur) 

suspect instance, mention of the n word, highkey racist ass shit, possible anti-Semitism 

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