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i have no idea what happened to the instance block list on our /about/more page but someone will recreate it when someone has a chance. sorry 'bout that. -@ghost

ACP instance blocks 

important CW request for ACP members (sui ment) 

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important CW request for ACP members (sui ment) 

ACP instance block 

ACP instance blocks 

ACPπŸŽ‰ registrations are opened if you need a new instance, welcome.

Tusky users, we experiment some difficulties providing you a normal service. If you experiment any difficulties related to authentication, please report them to our non-admins πŸ€—


mental health resources 

ACP members: our good friend @hugo will be upgrading us to 2.1.0 very soon. Shouldn't be offline more than 5-10 minutes when it happens. Thanks for your patience! -@ghost

Registrations are open, and we may see some visitors via @kitoconnell's social media class this weekend. So welcome in advance, new friends!

At this time, we're able to disburse about $10-20 to folks in need from a reserve of about $80. Right now we receive ~$3/mo in Liberapay donations.

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We are still here! The fund has been quietly accumulating a small number of monthly donations, some as small as a single cent. Everything helps, and we are ready to help you.

If you need help, please fill out the relief form and we'll reach out to you as soon as we can:

ACP funding (Patreon, Liberapay) 

Hello comrades,

We are back after an hosting provider outage and a server nap. Have a nice day!


ACP news: the admin team has suspended for condoning racism.

an example here (cw for racism, obviously):

- @ghost

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