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ACP announcement/transparency 

we will be migrating to's shared hosting. our server will still live in france. we will make announcements when the time comes for downtime so you have some warning.

this change will allow @hugo to keep us online and running smoother, and take some burden off the awesome @corzntin.

this also changes our operating costs to EUR 30/mo (previous: 45). Donate links are in the profile.

thanks for your patience and understanding.

-@ghost & the ACP admin team

i have no idea what happened to the instance block list on our /about/more page but someone will recreate it when someone has a chance. sorry 'bout that. -@ghost

ACP instance blocks for nonspecific threats of violence and general edgelordery for untagged sexual content

important CW request for ACP members (sui ment) 

Following our previous toot, we updated our CoC.


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important CW request for ACP members (sui ment) 

mentions of suicide in ANY context MUST be behind a CW. suggested CW text:

sui ment (mention)
suicide/mh (mental health)
mh/sui (-)

We don't care how you tag it-- just tag it.

this is not negotiable.

suicide has personally affected many of us and has been in the news lately. many of us struggle daily.

we can build a better world by starting small. let's start by being gentle with each other.


ACP instance block - overall disgusting bigotry with the awesome added bonus of hostile code that does not honor blocks or privacy settings.

- @ghost

ACP instance blocks ancaps LOL. blatant transphobia condoned by admin.

friendly reminder that we're still having trouble with @Emma as an automated admin bot, so reporting toots (with a description of the issue!) is the fastest and most helpful way for admins to respond to specific incidents.

- @ghost

ACPπŸŽ‰ registrations are opened if you need a new instance, welcome.

Tusky users, we experiment some difficulties providing you a normal service. If you experiment any difficulties related to authentication, please report them to our non-admins πŸ€—


dear anticapitalist friends: invitations are now enabled, if you'd like to invite some of your other anticapitalist friends.

please ask them to read our code of conduct before they use the links you generate, okay? ACP is awesome because of you all keeping this place awesome. :)

thanks, friends! - @ghost :anarchism:

mental health resources 

when things are tough, reaching out for help is sometimes the hardest part. but you can do it!

trans lifeline:
US: (877) 565-8860
Canada: (877) 330-6366

the crisis text (SMS) line:
In the US, text 741741. From elsewhere, you can use kik or FB messenger:

the international suicide prevention wiki is a collection of worldwide resources:

and wikipedia's list of crisis lines:

ACP members: our good friend @hugo will be upgrading us to 2.1.0 very soon. Shouldn't be offline more than 5-10 minutes when it happens. Thanks for your patience! -@ghost

Registrations are open, and we may see some visitors via @kitoconnell's social media class this weekend. So welcome in advance, new friends!

At this time, we're able to disburse about $10-20 to folks in need from a reserve of about $80. Right now we receive ~$3/mo in Liberapay donations.

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We are still here! The fund has been quietly accumulating a small number of monthly donations, some as small as a single cent. Everything helps, and we are ready to help you.

If you need help, please fill out the relief form and we'll reach out to you as soon as we can:

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