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For your information, the maintenance will start in less than 15 minutes :battery_empty:

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ACP will go down tomorrow at 10am UTC for database migrating. Excpect a 30 minutes downtime. Thanks to @mastohost for the hard work 🎸

ACP will go down tomorrow at 10am UTC for database migrating. Excpect a 30 minutes downtime. Thanks to @mastohost for the hard work 🎸

new (to us) emojo 


:battery_charging: :battery_empty: :battery_low: :battery_ok: :battery_full:



not-new emojo @ghost didn't know existed until just now:
:ancomheart: :boost_no: :boost_ok: :mood:

acp instance suspension (cw: racist slur) 

today's πŸ‘Š :molotov: goes to

by the way:

there have been a few more turd waffle instances silently suspended over the last week or so too, but we haven't had a chance to keep the block list on updated. we'll do it as soon as we can.

in the meantime, if you keep reporting fascist instances as they stink up the TL, we'll keep suspending them. thanks for your help, y'all.

- @ghost

ACP announcement: 

We have decided to continue silencing

a statement is here:

For ACP comrads about instance instance is currently silenced on ACP (not suspended, it means you can still access it if you want) and we received a request of un-silencing.

Although we don't think of un-silencing it, we would like you to share some thoughts about it, if you have any.



Instances suspending :guillotine: 

Bonjour, we suspended a small amount of instances, see for more details

- @smonff

I will be starting the installation of the Mastodon patch for all instances hosted in soon.

Instances will go down one by one for a couple of minutes. This process it take several hours.

Details on the patch:

our list of blocked instances has been updated:

as a reminder:

SILENCE means the instance does not show up in our federated TL, but you can still follow and interact with a silenced instance's users.

SUSPEND means the instance does not federate with us at all: they will not show up in our TLs and users here cannot follow or interact with a suspended instance's users.

:goldman: The instance encountered some TL issues: toots got accumulated in queues and were not delivered as expected since a couple of hours.

This situation is still in progress but we are recovering faster than the speed of fediverse
thanks to @hugo

Please be patient, we are almost back to normal. :kirby_happy:

News about the hosting :tada: 

For your information, ACP is now hosted on a shared server containing many Mastodon instances, called @mastohost.

It means that we are not anymore on a dedicated server maintained by @corzntin but on @hugo's infrastructure.

It is still hosted in france though, if it can make any sense.

Thanks to @corzntin and @hugo for all the nice work.


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acp is back! 

we are back! on a shiny new server. it'll take some time (20 hours or so?) to finish getting all the media where it belongs, but everything else should be working okay. thanks for your patience.

random fun fact: ACP users have posted ~100,000 images!

thanks, @hugo for being lightning fast with the changeover.

- @ghost

ACP downtime today 

Reminder that ACP will get down today around 6pm UTC for an undetermined time.

You can follow our admins backup accounts to get information during the maintenance time.


ACP announcement/transparency 

we will be migrating to's shared hosting. our server will still live in france. we will make announcements when the time comes for downtime so you have some warning.

this change will allow @hugo to keep us online and running smoother, and take some burden off the awesome @corzntin.

this also changes our operating costs to EUR 30/mo (previous: 45). Donate links are in the profile.

thanks for your patience and understanding.

-@ghost & the ACP admin team

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