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please note previous boosts re: follows from suspended instances.

also we've suspended for racism and lolicon posts.

- @ghost (deleted/reposted for clarity)

Private posts are still protected even if someone from a suspended instance is following you.

Hey y'all -

Please remember that when an instance is suspended, remote people can still follow you and potentially see your public and unlisted posts.

Context for the massive new wave of mastopeeps about why people are having a rough time esp today (CW Natalie, suicide) 

dear friends, i know our hearts are collectively breaking because of a terrible injustice right now, so it's more important than ever that we CW generously. let's take care of each other. -ACP admin team

suspension notice. cw: mentions sex, abuse 

super top secret ACP secret toot 

ACP news: suspended instances 

as a friendly reminder, we love CWs! use them generously! they're fun for jokes... and they keep people safe. keeping people safe is awesome.

some things that CWs love to tag: words or images that contain politics, violence, religion, lewd stuff, weapons, food, mental and physical health, weight loss/body size talk, storms, drugs, bigory, and hilarious (or not hilarious) jokes.

there's no quiz later. it's just about doing what you can to minimize harm & be welcoming to everyone. 🏴 @ghost. registrations are open for a bit. Welcome, Twitter comrades. - @ghost registrations are open for a couple of hours. - @ghost

also before @ghost logs off @Emma for the night, if you ever have a spare buck, loonie, quid, bok, or ruble (sorry, that's about all the money words i know), @corzntin's patreon offsets our hosting costs:

capitalism is complete and utter trash, but we haven't burned it to the ground yet, so we still gotta pay to keep the lights on. :)

PSA: our moderator @dannysonwater is now @verschraenkung. Please update your bookmarks and prepare to be redirected in 10 seconds.

i think @Emma is permanently on strike and isn't relaying messages, so if you need someone, you should message an admin directly: @ghost @HeckTheCistem @verschraenkung @corzntin @smonff

- @ghost

open registration is now closed for the night/day/time-zone-appropriate descriptor.

welcome, newcomers! :black_heart: 🏴

hey, anticapitalists: registration will be open for the next 3-4 hours. bring a friend to the party! 🏴 :antifa: 🍰

We are back on v2.0.0 🎉

Feels free to send
acknowledgments to @hugo who made an amazing work ♥

Please report any problems you would encounter.

ACP maintenance 

🔴 ACP is gonna go down for maintenance and upgrading in 10/20 minutes. Get ready for Mastodon 2.0!

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