is there any other pronouns except he/him, they/them and she/her?

Really like how Wolfenstein is just a giant banner saying "fuck nazis" condensed into a game

Oh, if anyone is into C++ and played City of Heroes, SEGS could use you!

Wish I could sleep but I wanted to go to airsoft tomorrow.

Would be cool if I could filter stuff from the federated timeline.

Some people don't want to go to a psychiatrist - not because they're afraid that they might be crazy, but because they're afraid that they're actually weak and that they'll lose the reassurance that they're mentally unwell and so it's okay to feel like this.

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no free speech for nazis

don't care if people think it's a slippery slope

you know what else is a slippery slope?

letting nazis speak

"Sir, can I ask you why you're smoking those two huge blunts?"

Officer, I'm

double jointed

*stares at camera*

tfw you wear diapers in public to own the libs

TL;DR - being a left party in government means that you have to oppose neoliberals. If your government has neoliberal components, your government already has failed. If you cannot combat the forces of capital with the state, you have failed.

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