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gonna do a new for the new folx and cause we've like, developed a bit since

hey, we're leah, a 23 y/o Boston-based plural white transfem leftist. she/her unless otherwise stated. SA/abuse survivor. we're currently most interested in digging into subcultures and their causes and effects. also have a lot of feelings about transit and working in fast food. tweets are mostly life shit and politics

nsfw info and individual alter intros in the replies

not to mention, fucking Audrey Zee Whitesides is part of her band and if you wanna talk about iconic trans musicians,,,,

like yeah duh listen to Every Time You Go Somewhere that's a fucking classic, but also their other albums are also fantastic

and like, the Pity Boy singles so far are fucking stellar and there's few albums that have me so excited right now

okay so like if you're not listening to Mal Blum you're missing out on a true queer trans icon

work, health 

selfie, eye contact 

lewd flirty text, selfie, ec 

tired: hell 2: electric boogaloo
wired: hell 2: Lost in New York

2019 is the year i make "2: Lost in New York" a proper meme

abuse, death, creepy men, Leah is mad, probs other stuff idk 

you know, big thanks to Lil Nas X for just generally being better at country rap than fucking Mikel Knight. (also a bunch of cws for looking him up, abuse, death, etc.)

I'm just listening to two people loudly discuss Brexit and its so wild that you can so confidently discuss something you know jack shit about lmao

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