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oh, also, we figured out a system name and we partially completed a system bio site!

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asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

hello again!

i need money for groceries and such

i had an interview for a janitor job where DD works a little bit ago, and i've been continuing to look for state jobs, so hopefully i won't have to do this much longer!!!


venmo: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


see summer isn't great but it's consistent shorts weather and i do love that

oh, also, we figured out a system name and we partially completed a system bio site!


honestly can i be kinda mad about how the like was shared? i really really hate too heavy websites and the choice between a needlessly heavy website that has been overloaded for days and a 260 gig tarball that could've just been split so we could torrent separately drove me up the fucking wall. i was hoping to have information to spread about BRIC today, but i haven't been able to get my hands on the files in a usable way until today (still don't actually have them)

is waldo the evil version of maldo, the man you can find easily in a crowd

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The antiblackness on big social media sites like Twitter doesn’t just stay there. Its everywhere.

If this site wants to be better than the big places on virtue of being, “open”, better to be vigilant and compassionate against antiblackness and racism than pat yourself on the back just for only using FOSS.

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transitioning and detransitioning several times per second to clip thru gender

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people say they like my smile but i can't smile in pictures at all but I'm really trying so i guess have some?

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Unpacking your clothes at the changing of the seasons is like unwrapping a present from yourself six months ago

"minimal webpage design" feels like when you first figure out that there's animations in powerpoint and use them in every powerpoint you make for the next two years

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absolutely hate that "minimal web design" refers to the JS-heaviest webpages in the fucking world rather than websites that can be easily viewed

gotta starship later to match everyone's sleep but idk what to do with myself now

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Mastodon is decentralized. That means that unlike twitter, where there is Only One Big User, mastodon is composed of many smaller users just like you.

another selfie, but a contextual one 

see yeah I've been like, poking around with apps and such and i feel like we could rly pull off black hair and i rly wanna try it cause also just like fuck it

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also cut but that's when the salons come back (which i guess is soon here but I'm feeling like that's too early and I'm not sure if i feel comfortable right away)

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I've been trying (and succeeding) to deal with some of my hair damage, and i think once i do my hair is getting dyed black

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selfie, ok to boost! 

one more selfie 4 tonight cause I'm still feeling good about me


took a couple addy earlier and I'm on the like, super cozy comedown of it where I'm just really cozy and gay and wanna flirt with cuties

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