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gonna do a new for the new folx and cause we've like, developed a bit since

hey, we're leah, a 23 y/o Boston-based plural white transfem leftist. she/her unless otherwise stated. SA/abuse survivor. we're currently most interested in digging into subcultures and their causes and effects. also have a lot of feelings about transit and working in fast food. tweets are mostly life shit and politics

nsfw info and individual alter intros in the replies

incenaroar and Isabelle are queering heterosexuality

hey can i get a bunch of Isabelle games pls
hey @nintendo when are we getting super Isabelle galaxy

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kinda want to discourse but definitely too tired and don't have good contribution

i got a new hat i love it (selfie, eye contact, always ok to boost)

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hey guys!! its my birthday!! can i get some drugs!!!

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Cardi B is short for Cardio🅱️ascular


used to hate my arms but they kinda just look stronk now (selfie, eye contact)

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