selfie, ok to boost! 

one more selfie 4 tonight cause I'm still feeling good about me

I've been trying (and succeeding) to deal with some of my hair damage, and i think once i do my hair is getting dyed black

also cut but that's when the salons come back (which i guess is soon here but I'm feeling like that's too early and I'm not sure if i feel comfortable right away)

another selfie, but a contextual one 

see yeah I've been like, poking around with apps and such and i feel like we could rly pull off black hair and i rly wanna try it cause also just like fuck it

re: selfie, ok to boost! 

@HeckTheCistem you SHOULD because yall are hecking adorable :foxhearteyes:

re: selfie, ok to boost! 

@compufox oh jeez thank you!!!

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