Hollywood’s Overworked Crews Overwhelmingly Vote to Authorize a Strike - IATSE members discuss how workers in the entertainment industry have been run into the ground—and why they're fighting back. - inthesetimes.com/article/holly


BCTGM | The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union | Nabisco Strike Ends: BCTGM Members Overwhelmingly Accept New Contract


While politicians continue to demand backdoors for the 'good guys', we would like to remind everyone of two very important facts:

✅ 1. Encryption can't be outlawed

✅ 2. Backdoors for the good guys only are impossible

Our stance on the ongoing crypto wars:

"A world with Facebook is going to be crueler, stupider, and more deadly than one without Facebook"

Leaks just exposed how toxic Facebook and Instagram are to teen girls and, well, everyone


You REALLY need to listen to the interview with Sharon Lavigne:

Living on Earth: Hurricane Ida Adds Misery to Cancer Alley, ‘The Hummingbirds’ Gift,’ and more loe.org/shows/shows.html?progr

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