4chan and 8chan are planning to troll this Halloween with another "it's ok to be white" campaign as well as a "blue scare" campaign on college campuses.

Keep your eyes open for fash and take their pic for posterity (and )!

@I_Will_Wobble ouch, it's like "find the worst of your enemy, grossly exaggerate it and then shame them for it". disgusting!

@anarchist_rabbit I suspect there will be a lot of "editing" going on as well. In reading between the fascist lines, when they say it's important to print an article as is, they mean to say "take it out of context or fabricate content".

@frickhaditcoming some of this is foar tha lulz and I doubt they really think Salon, HuffPo etc are far-left (some might, actually) but those who do find it funny are fash or fash sympathizers and deserve being caught and called out.

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