Thoughts on the referendum in Catalonia being bourgeois?

"Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism, an unbridgeable-"

I am that bridge.

My politics are so incoherent right now. Like a weird mixture of communization, post-left anarchism, and Murray Bookchin

*Marx busts through the window and smacks this textbook editor in the fucking mouth*

Really digging communization theory right now... But I also see it has incredibly compatible with post-left anarchism... Does that make sense to any of you?

Need a way to automate my shitposts from Twitter to here

I'd rather works of heart have heart than be plot robots

Anarchy is a constant action, not just something utopian far in the future

started that whole "thinking" thing recently and it was fun at the start but now im beginning to get sick of it? anyone know how to stop? cheers

capitalist ideology is in the presumption that probably 100 poor people dying in a fire isn't disturbing, but filling empty, unused homes is

According to all laws of baking, there is no way a bread should be able to rise, it's raising agent is too small to get its fat little body off the pan.

The bread, of course, rises anyway, because bread doesn't care what humans think is impossible

*walks into shop*
*is offended by the idea having to pay for anything*

10000000% done with "freedom of speech" being applied in situations not dealing with *government* speech oppression which is what FOS refers to and i am especially done with ppl using it to defend nazis. you god damn clods

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