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Hot take 3
Antifascism is extremely important, everyone on the left knows and understands that. However, one should not be made to feel bad when they themselves don't want to put themselves in jeopardy. Sometimes it is not worth losing a job, an income, or receiving injuries so they could combat fascism. Antifascism is most effective as a group behaviour, when done singularly, antifascism is dangerous and may not be worth having a comrade lose an income or get injured.

Hot take 2.
Left unity should mean non-combatance between sects. This doesn't mean that anarchists, marxists, left-coms, ML's, and Maoists can't work together towards common goals. Rather that because of the intense contradictions between differing ideas of the left, we will all have different ideas of what is to be done, and how it should be done. Left unity means dropping this anti-tankie action or anti-anarkiddy bullshit. Work together where you can and want, if not leave each other alone.

First post, may as well give a hot take.
Leftists in the US who treat the south as a dead end for organizing, just really dislike the lumpen proletariat and have no idea how to communicate with the average person. You can organize in the south while rejecting tail-ism and combating the reactionary culture of the south. There is a lot of good things about southern culture that can be used and respected by the left, while rejecting the parts of our culture that reinforce centuries of reaction.


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