Last night as I was falling asleep, I blew a prayer bubble that I would get into grad school into the universe with the hopes that some benign force would find it.

Last night i had the most vivid dream that I had gotten in and I was so relieved. I could feel my relief so clearly. This morning I remember that relief, but I still don't know whether I'm in or not and it hurts bad.


Give me death or please just give me death

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@Elizafox @Akatookey There is this weird thing about Free networks. Some people think that because it's not mainstream, or not controlled by a corporate-government entity, that everyone is just cool with pedophiles and trolls.

🎤He's so squishy
He's a rat
And he eats eats eats cheerios like that
If there's nothin' missin' in my life
Then why do these tears come at night? 🐀😭🎤

and let's be clear, the correct answer to the train predicament is not "suddenly butt your face in."

It's "check in with the person being harassed and gently ask if they mind you intervening."

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Suddenly wondering how drama works in a network as small as mastodon. Like.. It would be nice if we could try to work things out together. With public timelines being a thing, everyone can see what's happening.

Do we mind our own business, or is that the equivalent of being on a train while a person is being harassed and doing nothing?

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straight people: you /never/ see many queers hanging out with each other, that's not realistic

queers: okay but what if 40000 of us make our own gay leftist social network and also call everything toots

it looks like you have to view the video in a new tab to make it work. It's well worth it, trust me.

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Ok! #introductions 

I'm trying to learn how to be witchier, but I have a staunch skeptic streak and it's hard to fight laziness and actually do stuff.

I'm trying to get into grad school to be a therapist and right now I'm on two separate hecking waiting lists and freaking the heck out about it!!!

I'm sisters with @Akatookey @oneofthebadones and @icecream and @thelsdj is my bro. I love my fake real family a lot.

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Ok! #introductions 

I'm a Trans femme cute genderblob. I work at a state university as an advocate for trans students. I play a lot of video games and wish I could get out more, but i'm super introverted and socially anxious outside of my job.

I'm the bunny kind of furry, but I'm not big in the scene and I don't even really know what it means for me.

I say I'm gay a lot, but really I'm just not interested in dating cis men.

Really though, why does mastodon have to be the "twitter killer"? Can't it just be a thing?

Capitalism makes it so natural for us to rhink in terms of scarcity that usually doesn't exist or doesn't *have* to exist.

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