Help. If I get enough positive feedback for my trash poetry game demo I'm going to have to actually DO something with it.

- some guys make first interactive exclusive for Netflix
- they use open source Twine to scope the project
- the episode brings tons of money
- ???
- I'm just saying, Twine has a Patreon page:

A Field in England is a dark, witty and somewhat experimental period piece, in which alchemists lock wills in a tale of greed, treasure and the hallucinogenic power of certain fungi.

Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War, it has a rich script and fine acting alongside well placed gore & toilet humour. The cinematography - especially the use of still tableaux leading into scenes - & sound add to a compelling and otherworldly atmosphere.

*gives up and wears long underwear to bed*

It cold.


a few hours ago: hey i should finally listen to igorrr

i still am & i got 3 albums

Somewhere deep inside, we still think it's the cold that's going to kill us. We are profoundly wrong.

Orpheus is the original archetype for the preternaturally gifted grimdark youth who is struck down by misfortune but mostly just makes terrible life decisions.

When your takes are all bad, but you put a lot of effort into formulating them 🧐

(im practicing my blackletter calligraphy)

Masto is the only thing allowed to send me browser notifications.

⭐️make ugly videogames
⭐️make glitchy videogames
⭐️make unreliable videogames
⭐️make cryptic videogames

So Disney Pixar's Cars is set in a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline where humanity both developed autonomous vehicles and destroyed itself with neutron bombs around the beginning of the 1950s, right?

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