Very young, the virus of justice was inoculated to me and it earned me many a trouble.
-- Marius Jacob

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Mañana nos vemos en las calles!

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Mañana nos vemos en las calles!

We'll be talking about the history and alarming rise of imperialism and warmongering in the Asia-Pacific that impacts us peoples of Hawaii, Vietnam, Korea Palau, New Zealand, China & more. @LunaOi_VN @CarlZha @sha_merirei @yrn_te_ao @YeonU_Reeves
Saturday Feb 12!

It is obvious that in calling on anarchists to organise on the basis of a definite program, we are not taking away as such the right of anarchists of other tendencies to organise as they think fit.
-- Peter Arshinov

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We'll burn off our last round against the cops, and if they don't care to come, we'll certainly know how to find them.
-- Jules Bonnot

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All of the exploited, legal or illegal, cooperate in the state of domination.
-- Emile Armand

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Equality! I had always thought that it was the natural fruit of Liberty, which has no need of theory nor of constraint.
-- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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Decolonators - kick capitalist colonizer butts out of Vietnam in retro-arcade game glory! Made by native Hawaiian (me) and Vietnamese folks! :)

Seems like my Twitter account was suspended because I'm disabled.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stepped up to help us in our time of need. It's humbling. We will do all we can to honor your faith in us.

While we are recovering and reprinting everything, you can order our books from AK Press:

The struggle continues!

Indigenous futures post-Western Empire, chilling out, talking about Matrix and liberation, etc.!

“On the sixth of December, 2008, Athens police shot and killed a teenager in the largely anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia. That same night, riots began in several major cities, quickly transforming into an insurrection that gripped the entire country for a month.

"Millions of people participated, young and old, immigrants and citizens. The arson attacks on banks and police stations that in the previous years had been the sole practice of anarchists instantly generalized to the point of becoming common. By some accounts few police stations in the whole country escaped attack.

"The insurrection made a joke of the pacifist claim that “violence alienates people” by bringing together people from across Greece and inspiring people all over the world. The momentum of the uprising galvanized social struggles in the country and brought them to a new level.”

You can read more about how this situation played out in our book The Failure of Nonviolence by Peter Gelderloos.

This month, we are running a Kickstarter campaign to get two of our classic books back into print—Days of War, Nights of Love and the Contradictionary.

This is a glimpse into those books.

Rise in COVID-19 infections in England in the latest week, however, was driven by the still dominant Delta variant.
Europe hits 75 million COVID cases as it braces for Omicron: Live

Contemporary industrial society is now characterised more than ever by the need for stupefying work where it is no longer a real necessity.
-- Herbert Marcuse

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¡Muerte a la burguesía! Americans!
Join Americanos! Θάνατος στην αστική τάξη! Αμερικανοί! Γίνετε μέλος του Αμερικανοί! Americanos!! para luchar contra la censura de Twitter de las grandes tecnologías

It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.
-- Oscar Wilde

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