David Rovics just had a really cool concert. Thought yall might wanna know


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by the way, make sure you check out the notes on each slide for some historical background and a video so you can get an idea for the timings of each song

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I'm making Little Red Songbooks, a collection of zines with leftist songs in them.
I'll be adding a new song every few days for the foreseeable future!


Okay, so I am kinda a baby leftist. Sooo, Cuba...
I've tried to research a little to see what it's really like there and I seem to get one of two answers.

A. Dictatorship, no freedom of speech, one party system, state-mandated atheism, lots of poverty etc.

B. A participatory democracy which, sure, might not be as rich as the US but actually takes care of all needs of its citizens, freedom of expression and religion, etc.

Basically, the worst or the best. Do any of you have answers?

Also, a new series is starting on my channel where I'm gonna try and get all Minecraft achievements in 1.11 (the last version with the old achievements system)!


My playthrough as Anarchist Spain in HOI4 is now complete if you want to binge it!
I'll be honest though, the ending is a bit lackluster, sorry.


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TW | Covid, racist speech 


"Population alarmists explain away the cause of COVID-19 and the climate crisis with ‘overpopulation’. As John Molyneux outlines, this myth not only crumbles in the face of evidence but is very dangerous in the hands the right-wing racists."

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Nevermind, my ad-blocker just doesnt work on youtube anymore whyyyyy

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Anyone else not having their ad-blocker work on youtube all the time?

Its kinda weird. Also, I've noticed a pattern that it always seems to be big companies that got through the ad-block (like Disney).

Just found this guy. He does piano vocals of several leftist songs (he has a great voice!)
Check him out!


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Okay, super late night posting cuz I forgot how to sleep.

Basically, in this music video, they're burning a big pile of money along with cards etc.

I was just wondering what would happen if someone were to successfully destroy a large chunk of financial records and currency.

(and after answering that, some tips of how to make soap would be useful as well haha jk)


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Episode 11 of my Anarchist Spain playthrough is up for those who want to go into a wonderland where Las Anarquistas win the civil war and take over the world.

We still need to win the actual civil war tho...


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As billboards encouraging people to become police officers pop up all over the city of milwaukee and surrounding suburbs, some anarchists decided to make the message a little more accurate.


Okay, in case none of you have ever heard of him. There's this guy on youtube called David Rovics. He makes leftist folk music (some describe him as a modern Joe Hill or american Billy Bragg).

This is a snippet from a podcast that he does and its gooood.

Basically, its his perspective (as a middle aged leftist) on the recent insurrection.


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