Food: Ochazuke 

Felt like making Ochazuke (rice and tea "congee") for dinner last night. I know rice and tea together in one dish sounds weird but it just hit the spot for me. Perfect for a cold rainy winter night.

Toppings were pan-fried salmon, omelette strips, nori, spring onions and roasted sesame seeds

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Crowdfunds to help people in Lebanon.



Domestic Workers


If you are based in France

Lebanon had a poor economy before this, and their Lebanese pound is very low value right now, so they need donations in foreign currency

Donations to Lebanese Red Cross (via the app) are still good

My source:

Sleepy vibes. Time for an afternoon nap. Playing random notes on Kalimba for Bino. He doesn't seem to hate it. 😂

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A quotation of Peter Kropotkin’s written on a community chalkboard. It reads: Everything belongs to everyone.

Above it is a child’s drawing of what I take to be a space ship. It has a smiley fact and two love hearts inside.

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illustrated haiku, south asian heritage month, CW eye contact 

huh! just found out its been #southasianheritagemonth - I'm 2nd gen Punjabi Sikh. Music is pretty integral to Sikhism - whilst I can only speak/understand English, I've always loved kirtans and am often listening to them whilst drawing these.
#mastoart #art #poetry #poem #haiku #illustration

At the community chalkboard, leaving one message for inspiration and one message for kindness. ❤️

My first go at a chalk portrait

It looks like Brother Malcolm did a fusion dance with Trotsky 😝😂😂😂

@dirtycommo Saw your post about your outage, so not sure if you got to see this.

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@vidak Came across this video of this cool looking old school electric piano with a big pitch bend handle but unfortunately can't find any additional info on it.

There are times when you come across places so beautiful and breathtaking, you have no words for them but "Wow!"'

That summed up Pemberton and much of Wardandi Noongar country (Cape Naturaliste/Geographe Bay/Margaret River and neighbouring regions)

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100 Day Challenge Days 63 and 64

Teochew words of the day

風景 huang1 geng2: landscape/scenery

我父 ua2 bê6 (misspelled in video, my bád): "Wow!", can be used positively or perjoratively. Some use it to express shock and disapproval but I usually use it positively to express awe at something.

100 Day Challenge Day 61 and 62 (I've neglected this challenge so much, perhaps I should do a reboot 🤔)

Teochew words of the day

山空 suan1 kang1: cave
石 zioh8: rock, stone

I was on Wardandi land today with friends and was lucky enough to see the spectacular Lake Cave. I've never seen such a diverse set of rock and mineral formations, especially not one that looked like a gigantic mound of Indomie 😂

Food/Drink: Cà phê trứng/Vietnamese egg coffee 

The strong Việt style coffee balanced out by the sweet smooth silky egg creme foam. I don't know what kind of Viet voodoo is used but the foam just keeps floating back up on top of the coffee no matter how much it's stirred! 😮 Truly it's Liquid Tiramisu.

I was in deep contemplation. A seagull pacing around in front of me and I wondered what existence was like for it. I sighed when I finished the cup. That's how good this coffee is.❤️

Tattoo thread: I show you mine, you show me yours! 😊 

I only have one so far. It's of a Firewood Banksia flower.

The first shot was taken right after the tattoo was done, so fresh. The second pic was taken a few months after, when it was healed up. I was happy with how the colours turned out, especially the sage shading of the leaves. The cat is in there as a bonus. 😜

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