It was a blazing hot day today. I checked out Mettam's Pool near Trigg with family. I remember coming to this place many years ago to grab abalone with family. It's a gorgeous relatively obscure spot. I definitely recommend it. I would however suggest newcomers to just hang out in the pool. The reefs and waves elsewhere can be a bit hectic.

Very glad to celebrating the Lunar New Year with family on Noongar country.

Koora koora, yeyi, benang, kalyakoorl Noongar Boodja

Always was, always will be.

Sharing a quick little doodle I did for Lunar New Year this year.

祝大家新年快樂! 身體健康! 恭喜發財! 闔家歡樂! 鼠你有錢! 😍❤️

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Good Health and Prosperity! Safe and happy families. May the Year of the Rat bring you all much wealth!

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Last night I had leftover dough from making rolls so just for shits and giggles I rolled it out into 3 long strands, rolled them in shredded cheese and plaited them together.

I'm eating it now and oh my god we're doing this again. #bread #breadposting

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My first colouring in with my new 120 pack pencils. It reminds me of the #HisDarkMaterials Alethiometer.

Kind of #Solarpunk I feel :)

#ColouringIn #Colouring #MastoArt

I am going to use the hashtag #GwenfarColours so you can mute that if you don't want to see anymore of these in the future!

I had the most blissful bike ride today. I took my time. I didn't rush myself. I was aware of my surroundings, my breath, my movements, my field vision, the bike speed, the ground surface. But not overly conscious of it all. It just was. It was beautiful.❤️ What was a 10 min bike felt like it went on forever. When I finally made it to my destination, I thought was I too late by like half an hour. To my joy and surprise, I was only two mins late. Well we all can't be perfect😜

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I've been told that this a Burton's Legless Lizard, not a snake.

You can tell by its pointy face. Still startled me when I encountered it in the local bushland.

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i really cannot stress enough that the way white settlers talk about black/ brown/ asian/ indigenous folks and paint them in shades of blood thirst and barbarism is 100% a way that takes away our person hood. its a tried and true tactic devised to make us appear less than human. donald trump used this in his campaign and got away with it, and now we have literal concentration camps on US soil.

we're still people. i tried making a joke out of something said tonight and i couldn't. it hurt.

Scene: In a dim lit diner, the protagonist and their love interest are alone. They share an intimate slow dance together, not speaking the whole time, just dancing. This is playing in the background softly.

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#retrocomputing fans, I am extremely pleased to be welcoming my latest orphan, the spectacularly short-lived TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MC-10, to the lab!

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