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Did you know?

Persian "farangi" -->
Urdu/Hindi "firangi" -->
English (Star Trek) "Ferengi"

In South Asia, the term describes foreigners, specifically British but also more generally white Europeans.

It's such an apt name for the Star Trek species which embodies and makes a literal religion out of everything that is wrong with British/European/USian colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy; greed, sexism, profiteering, classism, racism, and so on.

Friends, please enjoy this smol flower. Hope you’re having a nice day. <3

Haven't really posted on here in a while. Anyway, I saw some stuff on the feed when I logged in and thought I'd share my Vulcan-Andorian cigarette-smoking wok chef here if I already haven't.😁

ate an edible and smoking before watching spice world, wish me luck 👍

Mental health 

I don't think I'm very well at the moment. Not a cry for a help, just an honest self-assessment.

I think I'm at Yellow Alert. Not quite "Full shields. Phasers and Photon torpedoes ready" but that might change at some point soon.

Also I'm usually not a believer of omens but we're deep into Kambarang and still experiencing this late Makuru/Mookaroo weather, it's very bizarre.

A few weeks back, I saw these small whiteboards on special at Officeworks and grabbed a few.

My intention was for my housemate @dirtycommo and I to leave messages for each other but really they've just been space for band names and other stupid shit. 😂

So far the frontrunner is Magic Chai but I must say I am partial to Stanky & The Mankies as well as Dongle-tron. 😂


Me: They were mostly bright red with some green and blue as well. Oh oh, I know! They look like the bird on the brand label of Rosella tomato sauce.

Blair: Yeah I think they're Rosellas then.

Me: Really?! Those bird called Rosellas? The sauce is named after them? Nah! *Does a quick Google search* Oh so they really are called Rosellas. I always thought it was just a cool bit of branding.


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I was walking through the local bit of bushland with @dirtycommo , about twenty minutes ago and I spotted some really beautiful birds in the sky. I tried pointing them out to Blair but by the time he looked up and around, the birds were out of sight.

Me: Oh damn, you missed some beautiful birds

Blair: Really? What did they look like?

"Wong Shun Leung (黃淳樑, b. 1935 - d. 1997) is one of the most famous students of Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man (葉問). Undefeated in "Beimo" (比武 - challenge matches), Wong rightly earned the nickname, "Gong Sau Wong" (講手王 - King of Talking Hands)."


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Anyway, I mention this because Wong Shun Leung in his time was known as "The King of Talking Hands", referring to his fighting ability and martial knowledge.

Weirdly enough 5-6 years later, I'm now learning Auslan, Australian sign language and I am literally talking to people with my hands. I just find this such a bizarre and funny coincidence. 😂


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Back in 2015, I started learning a martial art called Wing Chun. The school where I attended classes claimed to be of the Wong Shun Leung lineage.

Things came up in my personal life and I eventually stopped attending classes, though I still try to regularly practice what I learnt and remember. I really would like to return to classes sometime.


For anyone who's interested, my housemate @dirtycommo
is still very alive, just taking a break from the internet in general and spending more time jamming on the bass. 😂

I have played Stephen Chow films for friends before and most of the time, they obviously lose interest fast. Some of the ones that do continue watching laugh weirdly hard before the actual punchline for whatever reasons. Not giggle or smirk like something was amusing, but ribs hurting, ugly crying laughter. I genuinely can't tell it's over the top sarcasm or if something in the setup of the joke really seemed like the punchline to them.

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Yang Zhang/Accented Cinema does a good job at exactly, in a technical manner, why Stephen Chow's brand of humour works so well with me and why sometimes I literally do ROFL and LSHIACU (Laugh So Hard I Also Cry Uncontrollably) when watching his films. I think it certainly is a very niche cultural thing.

Amazing! I've never seen or done the stank face to flute music before listening to Hubert Laws but his stuff hits hard. 😁❤️​

First there was a Cumbia version of "More Than A Woman" , now the algorithm has gifted me a Polish language version of "Staying Alive"! 😂❤️

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