What on earth is that you see?! I wonder how many of you even know what your home phone looks like or if you just ignore it and let it collect dust in some remote corner of the house. Nowadays, I'm sure only Mum and Grandma ever call me on my ancient contraption. I have already seen so many changing technologies and new ways to communicate during my lifetime. I'm curious to see how many more I'll see and have to adapt during the rest of my lifetime?

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100 Day Challenge to myself Day 16 and 17 (Aiya missed the last two days, so lazy 😞)

Teochew word of the day

交通 gao1 tong1: communicate
電話 diang6 uê7: telephone/phone, literally "electric speech" (How cool is that?!)


The surreal matrix breaking experience of teaching Dad how to use new technology 😂

The Philippines is a notable exception where they use "cha" despite getting their tea from sea trade. Poland is an even more interesting exception where they use neither the land nor sea trade term and they went with their own term "herbata".

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Interesting factoid I read a while back, there's a general rule where if a country/region got it's tea through sea trade, the Teochew/Minnan pronunciation for Tea was adopted and used, the word "tea" itself being an example. Whereas places that got tea by over-land trade use some variation of the Mandarin pronunciation, chá.

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100 Day Challenge to myself Day 15

Teochew word of the day

茶 dê5 = Tea

On a cold stormy night like tonight, a good hot cup of tea is needed.Tonight I went with 白牡丹 Bai Mudan with a touch of Lemon Myrtle. It warmed up the body and soul.

100 Day Challenge to myself Day 14

Teochew word of the day

貓 ngiao1 : Cat

I've always found cats utterly fascinating and bizarre. I love having them around but I don't understand them. Sometimes to me, they don't seem like real animals and more so like tiny constantly malfunctioning robots. 😂

Kookaburras used to visit our house daily us for a good laugh and then Rona happened and they stopped. I wonder if they've developed empathy for us and feel self-conscious of their own laughter.

I'm here to tell you, Kookaburra brothers and sisters, your laughter is welcome and necessary. Your laughter kept me honest. Your laughter filled me with joy. Your laughter made me humble when I got too serious or angry over some trivial shit.

Please laugh again. I want to hear your laughter.

Day 13 of 100 Day Challenge to myself

Teochew word of the day

雞卵粿 goi1 neng6 guê2: specifically, Sponge cake. Literally "Chicken egg cake"

Felt in the rare mood to bake today. Made myself a Dark chocolate cake with coffee cream icing. Might make some actual good old Teochew guê2 this weekend. To my recollection, in Teochew cuisine, most 粿 guê2 are either savoury or made with sticky rice flour, so very dense and slightly chewy.

100 Day challenge to myself Day 12

Teochew word of the day

肚困 dou2 kung3: Hungry, literally "Stomach difficulty"

I was experiencing stomach difficulties as I was writing this out. Wasn't sure on what to cook to sort out said difficulties though. Ended up deciding on doing a potato chip version of a Spanish tortilla that I saw in a video.

100 Day challenge to myself Day 11

Teochew word of the day

讀書 tag8 ze1: to read (a book), to study, to learn, to go to school

Sometimes I feel it comes to learning, whether it be cooking, languages or other new set of knowledge or skills, I can be quite distracted. One of the purposes for this particular challenge is to help keep me honest and on track when it comes to re-learning and revising my Teochew language.

So I just read that a Singapore court handed out a death sentence over Zoom.

What a fucked dystopian timeline we live in. 😔

I struggled very hard to choose just one word today because 阿Malcolm哥 means so many things to me I eventually went with love. Love for oneself, love for one's family and friends and love for humanity. Without going into details of what is a very private matter, when I first encountered Malcolm X, I was on a very rapid downward spiral. Reading and hearing his words helped me to pull myself out of an abyss and to discover self-love. Which then enabled me over time to open up and love others.

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100 Day Challenge to myself Day 10

Teochew word of the day

愛 ain3: Love

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