A few weeks back, I saw these small whiteboards on special at Officeworks and grabbed a few.

My intention was for my housemate @dirtycommo and I to leave messages for each other but really they've just been space for band names and other stupid shit. 😂

So far the frontrunner is Magic Chai but I must say I am partial to Stanky & The Mankies as well as Dongle-tron. 😂


Me: They were mostly bright red with some green and blue as well. Oh oh, I know! They look like the bird on the brand label of Rosella tomato sauce.

Blair: Yeah I think they're Rosellas then.

Me: Really?! Those bird called Rosellas? The sauce is named after them? Nah! *Does a quick Google search* Oh so they really are called Rosellas. I always thought it was just a cool bit of branding.


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For anyone who's interested, my housemate @dirtycommo
is still very alive, just taking a break from the internet in general and spending more time jamming on the bass. 😂


If you get to the higher levels of Duolingo Vietnamese, you learn useful phrases like this. 😜

Watching Parasite with @vidak

Amazing film with incredibly dark humour. The flood scene in particular got to me with it's levels of absurdism.

Have things ever been "Smoking on top of an exploding toilet" bad for you? 😅

That time @vidak risked his nards for a good shot of a goose.

I wonder if he still has the shots stored away somewhere

Food: Pizza/LI musings 

She's fun and exciting but she'll fuck your whole life up! 😂😂😂

I'm experiencing insomnia at the moment and I'm lying in bed, trying in vain to catch some sleep. But whenever I close my eyes for more than a minute, in my mind's eye, I keep seeing the floating face of Steve Buscemi, angry snaggle toothed chihuahuas and/or some horrifying combination of both. It just delays the sleep even further. 🙁

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