anybody elses' local paper do this absolutely bizarre shit?

nukes, climate change, book 

Climate Swerve by Robert Jay Lifton. New-ish book about the psychological effects of climate change.

The weather this spring has been shit but here are the first signs of life in the garden

but I guess that would've made it too obvious about what decisions the game thinks you should make. it's definitely already obvious that the game wants you to kill all the kings, gods, & cops/magisters tho.

This is an in-game book:

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when the top google search result is a forum with someone linking a lmgtfy for the thing you just googled

Seeing news like this always reminds me of this one fictional news report published by nazis in Wolfenstein The New Order about a recovering city that they nuked.
That game was pretty good at making me feel like I already live under a nazi regime. Especially since one of the in-game comrades as the same name as a comrade of mine irl.

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