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my dad just discovered criminal videos on youtube. basically videos of people doing crime or getting arrested. how long do i have until he's deep into some fascist bullshit

i just want to live in my tent surrounded by my forest garden but the state says that there is only one correct way to live :(

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fucked up how you can't just pitch a tent to live in a residential zone even if you own the lot

Capitalism is a cancer. If our species is to survive, we must attune our immune system to identify the tumours—billionaires/trillion-dollar companies—as a threat instead of feeding them and celebrating their growth. And we better do it fast, ‘cos the patient is on life support.

since all jobs require a positive attitude and since i haven't had a positive attitude for as long as i remember, gov't send me my disability check

Commercials are heinous things. Today, they are hardly even about any product or service. They're more focused on maintaining norms that corporations benefit from at the detriment of humanity

Facebook does not want you to delete data. Seriously, even with a script, it takes a very long time.

hey programmers, designing a food forest is really not so different from designing software. try it if you're able to

you could be a dog and not even know it

learning about our natural ecosystems is hard. it is like visiting a loved one on their death bed.

unwanted development in your community really highlights the fact that we are living under occupation

i guess if people can tolerate living in cities, i should be able to manage living in a shed

the state be like, "no you can't place a trailer in your relative's backyard, but you can buy 28 acres of forest to cut down in the middle of a climate crisis"

political/tech horror show. borders. 

"smart wall" is something i wish i'd never had the displeasure of even conceptualizing mentally

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