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solidarity with Sudan 

solidarity with Sudan 

Meeko the little chick wasn't eating or drinking for unknown reasons. Protip: dip a small paintbrush in water and wet their beak. Smoosh some half cooked egg into the brush for food.

Climate Catastrophe, Dysmal State of Planting in US 

It's sticky warm in my office at midnight in May in Yukon. :\

At least that's my excuse for eating 2+ bowls of ice-cream.

Oh sing we now the Holy Weeds

That flourish in the ditch,

For they are for the meek in needs,

They are not for the rich.

You cannot buy them at the mall,

Nor at the superstore,

They are despised because they all

Grow freely for the poor.

The Dandelion shoots, for spring,

Before their flowers burst;

The Burdock root is best in June

When it is fat with juice;

When autumn comes, the Acorn’s ripe,

The Walnut black is too;

Young Milkweed pods are sweet when boiled,

And Milkweed shoots when new.

The inner bark of Spruce and Birch

For extra Vitamin C –

But do not take too much of each,

Or you will kill the tree.

The Purslane, Sorrel, Lamb’s Quarters,

And Nettles, too, are good;

The Hawthorn, Elder, Sumac, Rose –

Their berries wholesome food.

The Holy Weeds are plentiful

And beautiful to see –

For who can doubt God put them there,

So starved we’ll never be?

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood

US Pol, Racists, Unicorn Riot Twitter thread. 

Biological Effects of Contaminants on Arctic Wildlife and Fish. Summary for Policy-Makers

AMAP, 2019. AMAP Assessment 2018: Biological Effects of Contaminants on Arctic Wildlife and Fish. Summary for Policy-Makers. Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), Oslo, Norway. 8 p


Winnipeg transit workers are taking a fare-strike action today. I'm so proud of my fellow workers this morning. What a way to start the day. ❤️ :anarchismred: :ancomheart:

lol Fuck the Po. GJ to the comrades who did this.

'Const. Lorraine Edwards told CBC News that at some point from Saturday to Monday, 25 vehicles belonging to both the RCMP and employees were spray-painted with messages like "f-off RCMP" and "f-off pig."'

selfie eye contact 

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