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#WhiteOveralls groups armoured themselves with so much soft padding that Police truncheons and plastic bullets couldn't easily hurt them. They placed themselves between the cops and the demonstrations, aiming to prevent the cops attacking defenceless protestors. White Overalls padding would include heavy gas masks, so tear gas and pepper spray couldn't be used to break up their lines and let the cops through. The padding and masks were white, so that it came across as less threatening on TV.

Riots and protests in
Ecuador - the government are shooting protestors and running them down with Armoured Personnel Carriers.

Live stream here:

"when the moment of runaway climate change comes for you, where you live, it will not come in the form of a few wandering hairy bikers. It will come with the tanks on the streets and the military or the fascists taking power.

Those generals will talk in deep green language. They will speak of degrowth, and the boundaries of planetary ecology. They will tell us we have consumed too much, and been too greedy, and now for the sake of Mother Earth, we must tighten our belts."

#collapse #deepadaptation #climate #socialcollapse

Pro tip for the coming #collapse: the most important survival skill is how to grow trust.

Where are the #FOSS #FLOSS #OSS projects in the #Fediverse looking for contributions??

It's #Hacktoberfest and you should tag your issues with that label so we can find you and contribute to your projects :heart_cybre:

Today’s #climatestrike can only be a beginning. Happy to see so many come out and become comfortable taking streets, but we need these numbers on the pipeline easments & frack pads, in the threatened forests & wetlands. Blockade, sabotage and unmake the fossil fuel empire.

broke: Thinking T_D will drain anything other than his bowels
woke: Distrusting all political parties
smoke: Jetfuel can't melt steel beams
toke: ~4 hour documentary on sacred geometry, the occult, and false history.

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Some more refreshing and exhilirating 🔥:anarchism: C :anarchism: B videos 🔥 

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Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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This is a song about a militant social movement that had its golden age in beginning of the 17th century :pirate_flag:


In light of earth strike and the student climate strike coming up in September I would like to encourage anyone attending to read this:

It's important for those with less experience (or none) to understand the role of agent provocateurs and deeper infiltrators. Be aware, be conscientious, be brave and confront suspicious behaviour. Help save you and your comrades some pain by staying vigilant!

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There's a spy sign on the mainstreet of my little city. It's just begging to be taken down. I've been yearning to do so everytime I walk past it, but then I forget about it the rest of the time. I need to make a plan.

Any smashy smashy tips?

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This person deserves support for the effort! Anyone with any disposable income who finds this useful please consider sending them some scratch!

Here's the author's pinned comment on Ep 1. 

Here's the author's pinned comment on Ep 1. 

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