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I've seen a few incredible videos of brave souls holding their ground against fucking class traitors in the last few weeks and it is absolutely invigorating.

If you need to cut out coffee for some reason (independence from international industrial food is valid) Then just start your day with one of these videos.


Side effects may include revolt, insurrectionary action, mutual aid, and liberation.



:anarchism: C :anarchism: B videos 2/2 


⬆️ Student picking up garbage stands up to pathetic fash with a badge. ✊ ✊


⬆️ This guy is smart enough to start recording when one heinous villian pulls a gun on him. A second fash raises his gun and this brave soul still won't back down.:molotov: :molotov:

⬆️This guy started recording as soon as the class traitor pulled up. Doesn't take long for the gun to get drawn, but our boy stands strong!πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

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Some more refreshing and exhilirating πŸ”₯:anarchism: C :anarchism: B videos πŸ”₯ 


⬆️ This fierce woman will not let these thugs abuse the homeless with impunity! :antifa: :antifa:


⬆️ This bad motherfucker has no fucking time for this pathetic pile of soggy garbage. Sometimes the pure catharsis of disrespect is all that's needed to break imposed authority. :burning_poop: :burning_poop:

Hard chaser to follow up and spark some πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ 

Hard CW: This video contains many shots of the state's executioners killing/maiming our brothers and sisters.

But it's worth it! My only criticism is the title should say "All Cops" not just "Bad Cops", though we all know they're the same fucking shit.


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