def liking the vibe here better than the bird site.

not a single person has @'d us with some "antifa are the real fascists" type shit over here. 🖤❤🤘

@PNWAWC it's nice to have a place online where there aren't racists still fighting the civil war in your mentions for days on end, right?

@socialistdogmom that thread, holy shit! I love the dude that popped up in the middle and said "are you a middle school history book that came to life?"

@PNWAWC he's a comrade & the originator of my all time favorite joke -- he called the heimbach mother in law fucking fiasco "the night of the wrong wives"
a true hero.

@PNWAWC well actually, if you think about what antifa is all about...
it's pretty sweet.

@PNWAWC Sorry to burst the bubble but I’ve already gotten it

@PNWAWC I think it's more because no one wants to argue about politics since everyone here doesn't want to argue

@PNWAWC Yeah, isn't it great?
Felt kinda weird at first; never realized what a goddamn miserable chore dealing with Twitter had become these days until I started hanging on Mastodon a few months ago.

Even now that it's gotten busy here, I'm loving it, especially considering it's all my old Twitter Left peeps making it busy.

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