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Tips And Info-Sharing Practices! A Thread!

Various folks have been asking us for a while if we would make a publicly viewable version of some of the basic suggestions we've offered community members and allies about what constitutes a useful tip, how we decide to share info, etc.

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As always, if you have any information about far-right and fascist organizing, please contact us


phone: (971) 533-7832

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From @/TorchAntifa on twitter:

"Thomas Rousseau [founder of Patriot Front] was in , VA at with murderer James Fields. Now he marches on the National Mall in with 200 fascists under his influence"

New article from @afainatl!
"Ian Michael Elliott: Alabama 'Patriot Front' Member, Neo-Nazi, and Combat Instructor"

As Patriot Front descends on DC, antifascists are exposing the individuals behind Patriot Front. Keep a close eye on Atlanta AFA and other local groups in the area. Most up to date info currently on ATL's twitter.

Hey all, apologies for radio silence on here, but we are about to be a lot more active on and just wanna give a shout out to @Emma and everyone else who keeps going.

If you're able, please chip in on the patreon, to keep this instance sustainable!

:antifa: Our website is temporarily down! We're working on getting it back up, but if you need access to the information on it in the meantime, there's a good replica here:

At the Proud Boys hate group's recent fascist rally, where they assaulted several journalists, Carl Todd ( & Carol Leek ( both indicated that their respective far-right & fascist organizations would engage in voter intimidation.

At the 8/22 far-right assault on PDX, Shelby Walman also rallied with violent white supremacist Corey Wyatt, who played a role in a 2011 neo-Nazi murder spree.

More info about Wyatt can be found in this report by Eugene Antifa:

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Along with Duncomb, Walman also rallied today with Monica Noble (who was recently filmed destroying schoolchildrens' artwork, unhinged far-right misogynist Timothy Ryerson (, & others.

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One of "Back The Blue PDX" leader Shelby Walman's most frequent collaborators is violent alt-right agitator Drew Duncomb (, who marched with neo-Nazis at the deadly "Unite The Right" rally.

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Eugene Antifa is releasing thousands of messages from the private communication channels of “Patriot Coalition PNW,” a burgeoning far-right network that includes members of the Proud Boys, 1776 2.0 militia, the Three Percenters, Operation Werewolf, and more. The chats show new evidence of collaboration between police and local far-right violence.

View the chats and our report at our blog here:

Stay tuned for further reporting on Miller's "American Nationalist Aryan Party" neo-Nazi organization ;)

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After the publication of this article, RCA received info that Miller will no longer be residing at the address in our report, and that everyone's efforts in reporting his Nazi podcast have resulted in it being deplatformed!
Our article was updated to reflect these changes. :antifa:

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Benton continues to post vile racist & neo-Nazi propaganda on his "Liftwaffle" telegram channel, but also recently posted a little testimonial about how he got scared during a Halloween visit to the pumpkin patch.

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Benton was recently discharged from the US Army, but he ran viciously racist & anti-semitic neo-Nazi propaganda channels during his enlistment.

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Catch up with our report on accelerationist Kyle Christopher Benton aka "Liftwaffle", who put up neo-Nazi propaganda at the site of a PDX protest.

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