We've written about Patriot Prayer member Allen Pucket before (, but here's a thread of updated receipts on him. His continued association with Patriot Prayer has radicalized him further into overt anti-Semitism & racism.

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Using a twitter account with the handle "Hellshakers" Pucket spent a lot of time tweeting disgusting racism, bigotry, and overt neo-Nazi propaganda. Pucket is still welcomed by Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys hate group, and participated in Joe Biggs' 8/17/19 rally in PDX.

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More neo-Nazi, pro-Hitler, and white nationalist propaganda tweeted by Patriot Prayer & Proud Boys associate Allen Pucket.

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Allen Pucket has also been prone to disseminating disgustingly racist anti-miscegenation messaging through his twitter account.

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Allen Weseley Pucket, who is still welcomed at public events by Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys hate group (, also recently celebrated the fascist Islamophobic Christchurch mosque shootings, in which 51 people were murdered, and 49 injured.

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