We've written about Patriot Prayer member Allen Pucket before (web.archive.org/web/2019080113), but here's a thread of updated receipts on him. His continued association with Patriot Prayer has radicalized him further into overt anti-Semitism & racism.


Using a twitter account with the handle "Hellshakers" Pucket spent a lot of time tweeting disgusting racism, bigotry, and overt neo-Nazi propaganda. Pucket is still welcomed by Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys hate group, and participated in Joe Biggs' 8/17/19 rally in PDX.

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More neo-Nazi, pro-Hitler, and white nationalist propaganda tweeted by Patriot Prayer & Proud Boys associate Allen Pucket.

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Allen Pucket has also been prone to disseminating disgustingly racist anti-miscegenation messaging through his twitter account.

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Allen Weseley Pucket, who is still welcomed at public events by Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys hate group (twitter.com/Johnnthelefty/stat), also recently celebrated the fascist Islamophobic Christchurch mosque shootings, in which 51 people were murdered, and 49 injured.

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