An intense campaign of smears and disinformation about a bogeyman version of "ANTIFA" has made "conservative" pro-cop agitators like Audra Price, Sally Hill, Shelby Walman, and Michael Heppner amenable to collaborating directly with violent fascists & neo-Nazis.

"COPS NW" facebook administrator Audra Price collaborated with fascists & neo-Nazis to help organize the incredibly violent events of 8/22 in downtown PDX. Price also frequently promotes Joey Gibson despite his years of outright collaboration with murderous neo-Nazis.

Another "COPS NW" fb admin, Sally Hill, openly praises the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group and also helped organize the the hate rally which took place on 8/22.


Shelby Steven Walman is the admin of "Back The Blue PDX" on facebook, and works closely with Audra Price and Sally Hill in coordinating violent events with fascists such as the Proud Boys hate group.

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Michael Heppner Sr. is yet another nominal "conservative" who has been persuaded to collaborate directly with violent fascists like the Proud Boys hate group.

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