The far-right misogynist featured in this video from 10/11/2020 is Timothy Clayton Ryerson. He is licensed (# 536) as a Bail Bond Recovery Agent in Washington state.
You can send in a complaint about Ryerson to the email address found here:

On 10/10/2020, Ryerson aka John Dee took credit (along with violent Patriot Prayer follower Chandler Pappas & others) for the theft of the "nightmare elk" from downtown PDX, boasting in far-right facebook groups controlled by Audra Price & Shelby Walman (more info here:

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Ryerson also attended the extremely violent fascist rally on 2020/08/22 in downtown PDX alongside neo-Nazis and fascists from the Proud Boys hate group.

For reasons which remain unclear, Tim required a change of pants partway through the event.

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A post from his instagram account indicates that "COPS NW" ( & "Back The Blue PDX" ( member Timothy Ryerson has also had contact with domestic abuser & accelerationist neo-Nazi Aaron Schomaker.

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Unhinged far-right misogynist Timothy Ryerson has recently been a constant presence at events organized by "conservative" fascist collaborators Audra Ann Price & Shelby Steven Walman

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Timothy Ryerson has frequently been seen wearing selections from disgraced alt-right organizer Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer merch.

RCA has compiled a lengthy (but sadly inexhaustive) list of fascists & neo-Nazis Gibson has assisted

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