Another local "conservative" far-right agitator who frequently organizes with fascists is PDX resident Shelby Walman (, leader of "Back The Blue PDX".
Walman can be seen here with violent Patriot Prayer neo-Nazi Allen Pucket (

(see also:

On 9/13, "Back The Blue PDX" leader Shelby Walman filmed himself in front of a Proud Boys ( flag & stated that he was helping to organize the fascist hate group's 2020/09/26 event.
Far-right agitators would go on to assault multiple journalists at the Proud Boys' hate rally.

We also mentioned Walman in this thread about "conservative" groups assisting the fascist Proud Boys hate group (among others) with their organizing:

One of "Back The Blue PDX" leader Shelby Walman's most frequent collaborators is violent alt-right agitator Drew Duncomb (, who marched with neo-Nazis at the deadly "Unite The Right" rally.


Along with Duncomb, Walman also rallied today with Monica Noble (who was recently filmed destroying schoolchildrens' artwork, unhinged far-right misogynist Timothy Ryerson (, & others.

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At the 8/22 far-right assault on PDX, Shelby Walman also rallied with violent white supremacist Corey Wyatt, who played a role in a 2011 neo-Nazi murder spree.

More info about Wyatt can be found in this report by Eugene Antifa:

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