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The leader of the neo-Nazi terror group The Base—which was raided by the FBI several times earlier in the year—worked with the US special forces as a contractor.

He spoke several times of military experience inside the group's encrypted chat. W/ @BMakuch


The impunity & assistance Portland police have offered to violent fascist & neo-Nazi organizations in recent years (; may seem shocking—and it should—but it is also part of a very long tradition.

Neo-Nazi & Klansman Chester Doles—who posed last week for a photo with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson—recently posted about his intentions for fascist violence at the Proud Boys hate group's planned rally.

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The fascist Proud Boys hate group is planning to hold a violent rally with their far-right & neo-Nazi allies on 9/26 in Portland. This moment calls for all of us to show up for community solidarity against fascism!

First up in violent, far-right grifters we expect to see this Saturday: Lindsay Grathwohl.

📸 courtesy of NoCARA

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CALL FOR SOLIDARITY: This Saturday at noon in the area around/in front of the (In)Justice Center there are multiple far-right, anti-BLM mini-events scheduled to happen simultaneously. Anti-fascist community members will be out to monitor and oppose this fascist organizing.

Join us in asking CashApp to prevent racist Proud Boys hate group associate Alan Swinney from fundraising on their platform for more of the fascist violence he brags about having perpetrated last weekend with his white nationalist & neo-Nazi friends.

"In an analysis of nearly 300 documents that reference “antifa"...repeated instances of protest activities cast in cartoonishly grim terms alongside substantive reports of lethal right-wing violence that received scant mention from Trump officials."

The criminal trial was also initiated by back-channel Portland Police collaboration with Patriot Prayer founder (& constant-neo-Nazi-collaborator) Joey Gibson.

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Did you know that RCA's reporting on secret Patriot Prayer juror Tristen Barhite resulted in a criminal case against a PDX antifascist being dismissed?

Aaron Schomaker and Based Tactical - Boutique Boogaloo EntrepreNazi

RCA's latest reporting got Schomaker's Nazi web-store deplatformed in under 12 hours.

RCA has had other occasions to mention Posobiec, such as in this thread on Tara LaRosa's links to Proud Boys & neo-Nazis.

> LaRosa also frequently promotes the work of Jack Posobiec, who has used his platform to spread neo-Nazi propaganda

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...Sorry. Earlier typo, should read:

> If you are already "here" but don't know who to look for, and you *haven't* been given more detail? Unhelpful."

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