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Joel Isaac Flake - Neo-Nazi General Secretary of the Northwest Front (2020)

(update: after the publication of this :antifa: article, the Northwest Front announced the shutdown of their organization

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Read RCA's report on a criminal trial initiated by back-channel Portland Police collaboration with the violent Patriot Prayer organization.

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Collaboration between law enforcement & violent fascists has a long history in the PNW & elsewhere.

The impunity & assistance Portland police have offered to violent fascist & neo-Nazi organizations in recent years (; may seem shocking—and it should—but it is also part of a very long tradition.

We also mentioned Walman in this thread about "conservative" groups assisting the fascist Proud Boys hate group (among others) with their organizing:

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On 9/13, "Back The Blue PDX" leader Shelby Walman filmed himself in front of a Proud Boys ( flag & stated that he was helping to organize the fascist hate group's 2020/09/26 event.
Far-right agitators would go on to assault multiple journalists at the Proud Boys' hate rally.

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Another local "conservative" far-right agitator who frequently organizes with fascists is PDX resident Shelby Walman (, leader of "Back The Blue PDX".
Walman can be seen here with violent Patriot Prayer neo-Nazi Allen Pucket (

(see also:

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