The biggest chad move in the world is when you meet someone’s cat for the first time and they warn you that it’s shy, only for the cat to immediately come up to you.

mh -, trauma 

national day of forcing gay shit down the cishets throats

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Weird system freezes on Ubuntu?

Sometimes your computer runs at 100% CPU with no programs open?

Don't worry! Just run:

$ sudo systemctl restart systemd-udevd


Because SystemD™

Instance to block

Hosts fash scum

I would like to see some pets, please. Let’s “aww” our way through the End of Days. These are my children. Pictured (from left to right) are: Sir Winston Furchill (Winston), 1; Chairman Meow (just Mao), 11; and Joseph Pawlin (who I just call Koba), 12. Rescues, all.


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