watching the British sitcom Yes Minister, I think this is the best anarchist propaganda I've ever seen

having adhd is the worst I keep forgetting my own mastodon account exists

adhd anarchist be like no gods no masters no attention span

Copied from a friend:

There were three people suing in today's decision about LGBT employment rights. Only one is still alive to see the decision.

Donald Zarda was fired from his skydiving instructor job because he was gay. He was fired in *2010*. It took 10 years to get to this decision. He died in 2014.

Aimee Stephens was fired as a funeral director when she came out as trans. She was fired in *2013*. It took 7 years to get to this decison. She died this year, in large part because she lost her medical coverage when she was fired and thus was not able to afford proper medical care for her medical condition.

Gerald Bostock, the sole surviving plaintiff, was fired in *2013* from his county job in Georgia for "conduct unbecoming of a county employee." His conduct? Playing softball in a gay softball league.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

It is a sad sight to see those who believe themselves to be revolutionaries unleashing their hatred on the anarchist.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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"Do not talk to cops and never, ever believe them. Do not “try to be helpful” with cops. Do not assume they are trying to catch someone else instead of you. Do not assume what they are doing is “important” or even legal. Under no circumstances assume any police officer is acting in good faith." (contains stuff about mh, murder, abuse)

‪Making a political alignment online quiz that always responds “you’re an anarchist” as a recruiting tool‬

‪*record scratch*‬

‪Yup. That’s me. You might be wondering how I got myself in this position. It all started when I was a kid and wanted to grow up to criminalize poverty.‬

LAPD, police unions, rodney king

"The current president of the LAPD union was one of 44 “problem officers” named by the Christopher Commission, which flagged cops with histories of misconduct after the Rodney King beating.

In 2014, he had an article naming him framed on his office wall."

Still cannot fucking believe there is an entire industry created with the intent of making unemployed people too miserable and busy meeting "jobseeking targets" and going to "self improvement seminars" to be able to be politically active

"We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl."

- Karl Marx

my anarchist gf came over and now every surface in my apartment is covered in black hoodies

Now that Antifa is declared a terrorist organization, they are eligible to receive funding and weapons from the CIA

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