coming out as a podcaster... I'm sorry i hope u can all accept me 😔

Link me up with anarchists and libsocs to follow my mastodon feed is dead

I recently started making my own cloth patches. Always looking for new inspiration. -- Feel free to hit me up if you have questions about how to do it and/or are interest in getting one of the things I've made.

going to ascend from this mortal plane just so I can kick Milton Friedman in his balls when I reach hell

not fair that I hate hierarchies but want a hot girl to crush me

comrades my mastodon is basically dead but can you help me find other anarchists in Melbourne please? Wanna organise and take action yo

going to try organising my party's local city council elections next year to focus on providing civilian workshops to directly bring up and discuss the daily struggles to the council, and taking those as formal requests and/or discussing how they can be solved with the people directly.

I'm way too much of an anarchist for this party but lmao fuck this whole relying entirely on grassroots bottom up without giving back thing they have, civvie folks gotta be involved in fixing issues.

I'm so packed with disabilities that I'm living on another plane of reality to all u abled plebs I'm so yeeted 24/7 my power is IMMENSE

The way capitalism shifts blame for systemic problems onto individuals is just fucking wild and what’s worse is the way that people internalize it.

Daily reminder that capitalism is bad just in case u forgot

meagalodon is `NOT bvaby shark dodododo dodo

destroying capitalism by selling my own bath water but donating all the money to Food Not Bombs

I'm instantly suspicious of anyone who says we shouldn't solve a solvable problem

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